New lawsuit filed against Favre

Controversy followed Brett Favre in his first day away from the Vikings, as two women filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against him from his days with the New York Jets.

Jenn Sterger, move over. There are new allegations in town and this time it comes from a pair of massage therapists.

As Brett Favre enjoyed the first official day of retirement, his obligation with the Vikings completed, ABC News reported that two massage therapists – Christina Salvo and Shannon O'Toole – that worked for the Jets have filed a lawsuit against Favre, the Jets and Lisa Ripi, the Jets employee who hires massage therapists for the team in the Supreme Court of the State of New York.

Scavo claims that Favre sent text massages to another unidentified massage therapist requesting that the two women "get together" with Favre. The suit comes only days after Favre was fined $50,000 by the league for not being forthcoming in its investigation of claims of Sterger, another former Jets employee.

Scavo alleges Favre sent a text message to the unidentified woman claiming he was alone, following it up with a text message that said, "Kinda lonely tonight. I guess I have bad intentions."

In the suit, Scavo, who is married, said she refused Favre's advances and had her husband call to demand an apology. Following the alleged incident, neither Scavo nor O'Toole were never offered work again with the Jets.

Ripi, who was in charge of assigning massage therapists, is included in the suit, is alleged to have sent a text to Scavo, writing, "for sure feel horrible that u had to thru that [with] a pervet…however I truly wish you would've come forward at the time it happened," going on to say that she wished it would have been "handled internally the way it should be."

As with the Sterger case, it's unclear why it took two years for these charges to come forward. It would seem that Favre won't be able to ease into retirement, but, with an unidentified third person who is alleged to actually have received the text messages, it might be difficult to prove in court that the messages actually came from Favre.

Whether Favre did or didn't send the text messages, it would appear that his legacy is being significantly damaged.


  • The new contract for Leslie Frazier is said to be a three-year deal. Financial details were not released.

  • The power structure in the front office at Winter Park will remain the same, with personnel decisions being made on a collaborative basis between vice president of player personnel Rick Spielman and head coach Leslie Frazier.

  • In a radio interview on KFAN-AM radio Monday, Frazier made it clear that Favre won't be back, saying "I'm convinced that he's sincere about retirement. It's time for our team, and I think Brett would agree with that. But I'm certain that he doesn't want to play again. I know he's mentioned the word ‘retirement' a bunch of different times and come back and played, but there's no doubt in my mind that he's played his last professional football game."

  • One point that seemed clear Monday is that, despite an open letter to fans from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell claiming that the current labor dispute can and will be settled soon, players seem resigned to the fact that a lockout will come March 4 and that there will be no free agency until it is resolved, which many of the players fear will drag on for months and threaten the start of the 2011 season.

  • Bernard Berrian was short with the media when interviewed in the locker room Monday, answering most questions with as few words as possible. Berrian, who has been rumored to be on the chopping block due to his salary and lack of production, said he is eager to come back to the Vikings next season. It is unclear if the Vikings share that eagerness.

  • With this weekend's playoff, the new rules concerning overtime will be in effect. As such, both teams will have the chance to have at least one postseason possession. The rule may well have been instituted because of the Vikings, who went to overtime with the Saints only to lose without getting their hands on the ball in overtime.

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