Bennett Case Off

This morning, Michael Bennett was supposed to appear in a Madison, Wis., courtroom to face a charge of criminal damage to property as well as unlawful use of a telephone in connection with an indicent earlier this year with a University of Wisconsin female student. But, VU has been told that isn't going to happen

Bennett's case has been postponed until Friday, when he is expected to be granted a plea agreement, stemming from an incident in which Bennett kicked in the woman's door of her apartment. Prosecutors recommended the postponement, which is a clear indication that the two sides have agreed to a plea agreement.

Under such an agreement, Bennett may be asked to make restitution, perhaps submit to counseling and perform some community service. If he completes all of the prescribed steps, it is likely that the charge will be completely removed from his record VU has been told that the Vikings are relieved by the turn of events, since, while the team was confident from what it had been told by Bennett about the incident, one never knows how a jury will react in a criminal case. With the court case out of the way, it now appears that Bennett will not have to serve any jail time. Had he been convicted on both charges, he could have faced up to 90 days in jail and a $10,000 fine.


* The court docket continues. Citing that they were unfairly treated by NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue, former coaches Hubbard Alexander, David Atkins, Foge Fazio, John Fontes, Tom Olivadotti, Ray Sherman and Fred von Appen filed suit in Hennepin County District Court in Minneapolis seeking bonus checks given to assistant coaches for the success of the teams during the 1999 and 2000 seasons. Because of the dismissal of the coaches, the Vikings never gave them the bonus checks coaches still with the staff received. The group filed a grievance months ago with Tagliabue, but claims the league has done nothing to hear their case and now want the matter to go to district court to get a decision.

* Vikings fans looking for tickets for the 2001 season, listen up. While almost all of the seats for 2001 home games are being held by season ticket holders, a limited number of single-game seats will go on sale July 16. The tickets can be purchased at the Metrodome box office starting at 9 a.m. by Gate B. At 10 a.m., tickets will go on sale at Ticketmaster. People interested in tickets can call Ticketmaster at 10 a.m. July 16 by calling 651-989-5151 or go on-line at

* From the strange to worse department comes this -- while Vikings fans have some worries about Red McCombs moving the team to San Antonio, only the umbrella-waving Tom Benson, owner of the Saints, could come up with this bizarre scenario. Benson is at odds with the state over replacing/renovating the Superdome and said Tuesday he is through dealing with state officials and wants to move the team to Mississippi. May we speak for everyone else when we say, "What the...?"

* The Vikings will be competing in Sunday's World Bowl IX -- defensive tackle Tim Engelhardt and linebacker Antonio Wilson of the Barcelona Dragons and defensive end Antwone Young of the Berlin Thunder.

* VU would like to apologize to our regular readers for being down the last couple of days. Due to a computer problem, we were unable to post updates on the site and hope you will bear with us. We hope to have all of the problems resolved and bring you updates on a daily basis. Thanks for your patience.

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