Jets Sign Tyrone Carter

The Vikings never made d-back Tyrone Carter a priority free agent and that was apparent Thursday when he signed away for less than he would have been paid by the Vikings.

The Vikings had told Tyrone Carter he would be offered a contract to stay with the team, but made it clear that he wasn't in their long-term plans at the end of last season.

Just how little he made a difference became evident Thursday when he signed a one-year deal with the New York Jets for the league minimum.

Carter, who fell out of favor after making some critical mistakes a year ago, was offered a similar deal from the Vikings that called for a pay cut to near veteran minimum. He balked at that idea, hoping to hold out for a little more money.

When free agency had gone on for a month-and-a-half and no offers had come forward, it looked like he might return, but the Jets, who are also looking for a return man, stepped up with a minimum offer and Carter accepted it.

* The Vikings were pleased with their tryout of punter Leo Araguz, but likely won't make any contract offer until after the draft. The Vikings are looking for a punter who can kick off in hopes of keeping Gary Anderson without using four roster spots on special teams positions -- kickoff specialist, field goal kicker, punter and long-snapper.

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