Combine performance assessment: Receivers

See what the on-site assessments were for the wide receivers when they were asked to start catching the ball at the NFL Scouting Combine.

Leonard Hankerson, A.J. Green, Jerrel Jernigan, Jon Baldwin
In the 40-yard dash, Miami's Leonard Hankerson actually improved on the 4.47 he ran the first time through and posted a 4.45 on his second attempt. Georgia's A.J. Green put up 4.48, while Troy's Jerrel Jernigan recorded 4.51 and Pittsburgh's Jon Balwin registered 4.52.

Running the fade route, Baldwin was overthrown on his first attempt. Green made a clean catch on an on-the-money throw, as did Jernigan. Like Baldwin, Hankerson was badly overthrown and never had a chance to get his hands on the ball. Given another try, Baldwin secured the pass with no trouble, although this time the delivery was a bit underthrown.

Running the gauntlet drill, Baldwin was a pure 7-for-7 bringing in passes the first time through, although he fell on his second attempt and was only able to secure four of the seven throws. Green wasn't at his best the first time through, going 5-for-7 with one particularly bad drop, but he was sharp on his second attempt with seven clean grabs. Like Green, Hankerson struggled his first time through with a 4-for-7 performance that included a few drops, but he rebounded and squeezed all seven throws on his second attempt.
Jernigan was a perfect 7-for-7 both times and definitely was the smoothest of the quartet.

Running the slant route, Baldwin, Green, Hankerson and Jernigan all made the reception, although Baldwin's pattern wasn't crisp. Green was the quickest of the bunch.

Running the out route, once again, Baldwin, Green, Hankerson and Jernigan all came up with a clean catch. Baldwin's pattern was a bit sloppy, Green stumbled slightly and Hankerson rounded his off to some degree. Jernigan's pattern looked good, just how the coaches wanted it run.

Running the deep-in route, Baldwin made the catch but missed running through one of the cones. Green caught the ball but could have been faster out of his break. Like Baldwin, Hankerson made the catch but didn't get through the cones properly. While Jernigan was overthrown the first time, he got another shot at it and secured the football.

Running the fly route, Baldwin, Green, Hankerson and Jernigan all caught the ball cleanly, with Green's being the best of the bunch, courtesy of a perfect throw that hit him right in stride.

Running the out route, Baldwin caught the ball but again rounded off his route a shade. Green stumbled again and dropped his first attempt, but his second attempt was fine. Hankerson was the victim of a high throw the first time but caught his second one – his pattern was rounded off, though. Jernigan needed two attempts, as the first throw was nowhere close, but he made the catch the second time.

Running the curl route, Baldwin, Green, Hankerson and Jernigan all came up with a solid catch, although Green was again a tad stumbly and Hankerson almost missed the cones entirely.

Finishing off with the post-corner route, Baldwin, Green, Hankerson and Jernigan all ran decent patterns and caught the ball, but none of them truly stood out. Both Green and Hankerson were given a second opportunity and again reeled in the pass.
– John M. Crist,,

Julio Jones, Alabama
Dropped a well-thrown ball on the seam route – but kept his eyes up and trailed the ball very well. Good speed to cover ground under the ball on longer routes. Jones ran a very good gauntlet; he has a great sense of functional speed and how quick he needs to be in short spaces. He's not frantic when he needs to be quick, and he caught the balls and got them out in good time. Clean cut on the slant – good hands. Looked good on the quick out; the cut was okay, not great. Had good pace in the 6-route but was overthrown by Mallett.

Pretty smooth on the second out – he doesn't always run really sharp cuts, but he's very smooth on the ground. Looked great on the post-corner – very good cuts and speed. The second post-corner may have been the best route anyone ran in the group – very sharp cuts and extremely sudden in his short-area movements.
– Doug Farrar, FootballOutsiders, Yahoo Sports

Randall Cobb, Kentucky
He got overthrown on the seam, but good inline speed and he keeps his eye on the ball – he's not all over the place with his body on his routes like some other receivers. He's a little too quick/frantic in the gauntlet (one drop), but he got better on the quick (5-yard) out, though he tends to round off his cuts at times. Looked good on the 6-route. Took in a very nice throw from Colin Kaepernick on the 9-route. Focused so much on the cut on the second quick out, he couldn't keep his eye on the ball. Good turn and catch on the curl route, and he trailed the ball very well on the post corner.
– Doug Farrar, FootballOutsiders, Yahoo Sports

Greg Little, North Carolina
Little can run any route, but he has to slow down to make certain cuts. Looked good on the gauntlet, though he was slow – took his time and progressed well. Good sideline sense – kept his hands out to bring the ball in on a misthrown pass while tapping his feet inside the sideline.
Very sloppy on the 5-yard out – ran it more as a slant and couldn't make a clean cut. Had an overthrow from Andy Dalton on another out. Looked nice on the 6-route – good cuts and build-up speed. Had decent form on the curl, but again, had to slow down to do it. Below-average form on the post-corner – rounded off on both cones.
– Doug Farrar, FootballOutsiders, Yahoo Sports

Tandon Doss, Indiana
Did not participate
– Doug Farrar, FootballOutsiders, Yahoo Sports

Terrence Toliver, LSU
Tall, fluid athlete. Caught each pass thrown to him during the gauntlet drill, even reaching low to snag a poorly thrown pass while running full speed. Tolliver slipped twice running around the cones on the out route -- one when turning to his left and later when turning to his right. He caught the passes well, snatching the ball well away from his frame. Quick feet as a route runner and showed explosiveness out of his breaks.
- Rob Rang,

Titus Young, Boise State
Thin, explosive runner. Caught all but one throw during the gauntlet drills, extending to catch some poorly thrown passes. Didn't run hard through this drill, focusing more on catching passes. Possesses excellent speed, which was demonstrated on some of the longer routes. Sloppy route-runner. Rounded off routes. Caught the ball cleanly. Good ability to adjust to poorly thrown passes. Tracked the ball well over his shoulder.
- Rob Rang,

Austin Pettis, Boise State
Pettis had a rocky start to his workout, but got stronger as it progressed. He dropped consecutive passes on his first drill, and was obviously discouraged when that drill ended. Certainly, other receivers displayed better hands. But Pettis made a nice catch on a long pass, and came out of his breaks with good speed on slant passes.
- Clifton Brown, Sporting News

Niles Paul, Nebraska
Paul also had a very consistent day, catching every pass within reach. Did nothing that was really eye-opening to make him stand out, but this may help concerns about his hands that scouts had coming into the combine. He also displayed nice footwork coming in and out of cuts.
- Clifton Brown, Sporting News

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