Notebook: Vince Young a possibility?

The Vikings are looking to acquire multiple quarterbacks this offseason and Vince Young is one of the possibilities. What are the Titans saying about him and what's his status? Plus, the timing of a new CBA will affect the Vikings' (extra) camp plans and more.

NFL teams won't be allowed to sign free agents from other teams until a new collective bargaining agreement is reached, but when that happens there is at least one veteran quarterback who will enter a 10-day window that will help determine his future.

Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young is due a $4.25 million bonus on the 10th day of the new league year, according to the Tennessean. It seems the most likely scenario is that the Titans will have to move on without Young, who has started 21 games over the last two years after a troubled 2008 season.

The one thing that seems certain with Young is that he won't be back with the Titans – they will either trade him or release him before the big bonus is due.

"I think there's still a possibility we'll sign someone in free agency or get a veteran guy in a trade," Titans general manager Mike Reinfeldt told the Tennessean. "And then the choice will be finding value, whether it is the first, second or third round, where we end up taking a quarterback in the draft.''

The Vikings have been connected to Young because their new quarterbacks coach, Craig Johnson, is one of Young's biggest supporters and worked with him in Tennessee. Reinfeldt said the Titans have received inquiries from other teams about Young.

"We have had some discussions. But nothing is imminent with him. There is some (interest), but it is hard, though," Reinfeldt said.

Vikings coach Leslie Frazier was asked about Young and the connection with Johnson at the NFL Scouting Combine last week, but Frazier elected to answer the question with generalities about his coaching staff instead of risk getting into tampering territory.

"Craig is a great addition to our staff, so is Bill Musgrave, Bill Davidson, James Saxon, Mike Priefer," Frazier said. "Those guys are great additions to what we're trying to get done. Mike Singletary as well. We've got a number of positions we're evaluating and have been evaluating throughout this process, not any one position or any one person. It's a process for us, and we've got a lot of work to do this offseason to close the gap on three teams that are ahead of us in our division."

Young has amassed a 30-17 record as a starter, completing 57.9 percent of his passes with 42 touchdowns and 42 interceptions for a 75.7 passer rating. However, the last two years have been his best as far as rating. Last year, he had 10 touchdowns and three interceptions and a 98.6 rating in nine games played.

Frazier has said the Vikings could look to sign a "bridge-the-gap" veteran quarterback, a player that would be able to start for a year or two while a draft pick developed, but there are several options expected to be available by trade or free agency whenever a new CBA is reached and the league year starts.


The timing of a new CBA is important for the Vikings, who are eligible to have an extra mandatory minicamp with their players because they have a new head coach. Frazier confirmed that he is eligible for that, despite his interim status for the final six games last season.

If the CBA gets done in the coming weeks, Frazier would like to have his first minicamp in the middle of April.

"We have a schedule right now. That's what we would be doing," he said.

"You'd like to have them. That's one of the plusses for a new head coach coming in. We'll see what happens, but we'd make it work. I promise you whatever happens, we're going to try to make it work."

With new coordinators on offense (Bill Musgrave) and special teams (Mike Priefer), an April camp would give the Vikings time to introduce the veterans to the Musgrave and Preifer and begin the process of installing the new concepts.

Frazier said the offensive playbook is nearing completion, but he wouldn't be allowed to distribute it to players before a new CBA is reached.

"We wouldn't do anything with our players. We're still putting together some things regarding that playbook so we wouldn't distribute any information until we know what's going to happen in the future," he said.


  • Several NFL teams have begun releasing veteran players, but Frazier last week didn't give any indication if he would be doing the same in the coming days. "We'll have to make some of those decisions, but until you know what's going to happen it's hard to put guys out there," he said. "You just have to wait and see what's going to happen."

  • Frazier was asked about the culture he wanted to instill in the team. "Hopefully you'll look at our football team and see some of the characteristics in our team … that we are a team-oriented group. It's not a deal where we've got guys that are more concerned with their contracts or going to the Pro Bowl, but they're really concerned about what's best for the Minnesota Vikings," he said. "You would like to have guys that are high character and you would really like to have a football team that is a smart football team and a tough-minded team, but hopefully that will be part of the cultural change as we go forward. But there are some other things as well. But those characteristics are what I hope you see when you watch our team play. That they are a smart, physically tough team and they play hard every single Sunday."

  • The Vikings haven't placed restricted free-agent tenders on any of their players yet, but that is likely to happen on Wednesday or Thursday. Sidney Rice, Ray Edwards and Brian Robison are among a group of players that could have restrictions placed on them that might allow the Vikings to receive draft-pick compensation if the player received a contract offer from another team that the Vikings declined to match.

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