Draft chat transcript: Michael DiJulio

Many of the questions for Michael DiJulio of NFL Scouting centered on the Vikings' No. 12 pick in a chat Thursday night, but he went much deeper than that, trying to find some good mid-round matches at different positions.

Michael DiJulio is a scouting analyst for Scouting Services, Inc. He resides in the Pacific Northwest and has had a lifelong fascination with the NFL draft and prospect analysis. He began his career in talent evaluation as the creator of a small-time draft website and managed to land a position with Scouting Services in 2009. In 2010, he became just the second person since 1968 to co-author The NFL Draft Report, a publication provided by league headquarters to the media in preparation for the NFL Draft. Since then, he has delivered countless prospect reports to the league's headquarters for the upcoming 2011 NFL Draft.

Here is the transcript from his chat with Vikings fans:

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