Vikings Aggressively Targeting Their Man

The lesson may have been learned from last year. The Vikings are working every angle in an attempt to see what they'll have to do to get their draft target into a purple uniform.

Staying put in the first round of the NFL draft is customarily the norm. But don't tell that to as many as 10 teams when the whistle blows and the draft begins on Saturday. The activity is expected to be at a fever pitch, and the Minnesota Vikings are expected to be in the middle of the action.

From holding the seventh pick in the draft, to trading down to accumulate additional draft picks, the Vikings are viewing the draft as a no-lose situation. That is if the player they really want is out of their reach.

"We are very close to knowing exactly what we would like to do come Saturday," a team source said. "There are a few players that we have a significant interest in, from where we are sitting in the draft. Not all of them may be available when it is our turn on the clock, and that is something we must consider when getting the most value for our position."

The value aspect of the Vikings situation is clear. They want to fill a huge void on the roster with a player that will immediately step in and contribute, in a rather large way.

League sources tell The Insiders that the Vikings have conducted discussions with numerous teams over the past two weeks, gaining a feel for what they will need to do to secure the player that they covet, which is believed to be one of the two top defensive tackles on the board, Dewayne Robertson or Jimmy Kennedy.

"Robertson is the player that the Vikings have targeted. Teaming him with Chris Hovan will enhance the middle of the Vikings defensive line, a weakness that has haunted the team," a league source said. "Minnesota believes that they have to jump in front of Chicago, who holds the fourth pick in the draft to get their man."

"In what may be an interesting side note, Chicago has a serious interest in Robertson, defensive end Terrell Suggs, and quarterback Byron Leftwich. The entrance of Leftwich into the scenario changes the total complexion of the draft, from my perspective."

Within the past 24 hours, The Insiders has learned that the Vikings have had serious talks with an AFC and NFC team that would like to move up in the draft. According to the source, the Vikings have not closed the door on the possibility, but the Vikings are investigating the potential of moving up in the draft.

Time will tell, but the Vikings are being aggressive.

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