Kevin Williams' Reaction

Kevin Williams called it a great day, and Chris Hovan said he was smiling. Maybe they'll be smiling together this fall.

Kevin Williams spent the hectic opening hours of draft day just like many NFL fans -- waiting and watching.

Not knowing when he was going to be drafted and by whom, he was at his family home in Arkansas -- watching ESPN like draft fans and waiting to hear his name.

When the moment finally came, he was ecstatic.

"It's a great day," Williams told VU. "I was just waiting and didn't have a clue, so I am happy to be a Viking."

Like many Vikings draft picks, Williams had limited exposure to the Vikings but knew ahead of time that he was on their radar scope.

"I didn't go visit them, but I knew they were probably going to take a defensive lineman -- but I didn't know who," Williams told VU. "I had an interview with (Mike Tice and defensive coordinator George O'Leary) at the Combine and it went really well."

The Vikings like Williams' versatility -- being able to play both defensive tackle and defensive end. But perhaps the most ecstatic person other than Williams is DT Chris Hovan. With Williams able to take some of the heat off of him, Hovan might be able to flourish if teams can't constantly double-team him

"I'm very happy we took a defensive tackle on the first round," Hovan told VU. "The coaches and scouts saw a lot they liked in him and he has a lot of upside. He's going to be a big help, and he put a smile on my face."

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