DT Back In Free-Agent Mix

Despite spending high draft picks on defensive linemen in recent years and talk of moving Fernando Smith inside this year, the Vikings may still have an itch that only veteran Cortez Kennedy can scratch.

Just when you were convinced the Vikings were done in free agency, this rumbling has hit the offices of VU.

With training camp just three weeks away — even less for many teams — the Vikings are looking at signing not just one, but perhaps two available free agents (for the right price of course).

As VU has reported for the last several months, the Vikings are extremely interested in signing cornerback Dale Carter — who is still awaiting reinstatement from the NFL. However, another name has resurfaced as a possible acquisition and one that seems a little more surprising now. VU has learned the Vikings are still interested in free agent Cortez Kennedy, despite encouraging news from NFL Europe about some of the team's developmental DT talent. The Vikings defensive front was never the same after Jerry Ball left and Dennis Green is convinced Kennedy could fill that nose tackle void.

VU will follow both of these potential free agent signings and keep you posted on any progress — or lack of progress in the signing race.

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