Culpepper Close to Monster Deal

VU has been told the Vikings may use the first day of minicamp to announce a monster contract extension for Daunte Culpepper.

As minicamp opens today for the Vikings, the biggest news may not be on the field or in the coaching rooms -- it will be at a bank.

VU has been told by a team source that, after some hard negotiating, the Vikings and Daunte Culpepper have reached a tentative agreement on a contract extension. While it may be a little hard to believe, the numbers we're hearing are 10 years, $100 million. While most contracts don't last that long and are typically torn up midstream because of the enormous cap hits in the final couple of years, our source held firm that the deal is that long term.

VU will follow up on this story after an official announcement is made. That may come as early as this afternoon.

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