Vikings Fighting New Law

While the Vikings are expected to continue an attempted partnership with the Minnesota Legislature, a recent action has them concerned about safety at home games.

While a good portion of the near future between the Vikings and the Minnesota State Legislature is expected to be an effort to work together to find a solution to the Vikings stadium problems, the team and legislators find themselves in stark contrast when it comes to a recent legislative ruling.

In a decision that baffled many Minnesotans, the Legislature approved a conceal and carry law that will allow almost anyone without a felony conviction to take a short safety class and be allowed to carry a handgun anywhere but governmment buildings.

This is being viewed very seriously by team officials, since the Metrodome is not a government facility and doesn't currently fall under this list of exempted sites. VU has been told that the Vikings have been joined by officials for the Twins and University of Minnesota Gophers in their opposition to potentially having fans armed during games.

While VU can see some of the merits of a restricted conceal and carry policy, the seemingly blanket policy will, at some point, have grave consequences -- like settling a bar fight or a domestic dispute. Hopefully, it won't serve as a way to silence loud Packer fans at the Metrodome.

* In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Red McCombs said that the letter signed by Pete Rozelle guaranteeing a football team in Minnesota is "a hurdle" but not something that will prohibit the possibility of relocating the Vikings in Los Angeles.
* Some Twin Cities media types have jumped on the "Rozelle letter" bandwagon, but have missed the point. Rozelle didn't guarantee the Vikings would play in the Metrodome until 2011. His guarantee was that, if the team left, another team -- relocated or expansion -- would play in Minnesota within one year (a huge difference and even more of a deterrant for other owners to side with McCombs if he plans to relocate).

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