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These were created by fans for everyone to use and are free of registration fees. Be our guest to download and install them. ENJOY!

Purple Heroes Windows Theme

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Vikings Update presents the Purple Heroes Windows Theme! It brings some of our best Viking players to ever play football to your CPU. Images of Fran Tarkenton, Scott Studwell, John Randle, the Purple People Eaters, and Randall McDaniel come alive on your desktop. Start Up and Shut Down sounds, menu command sounds, and animated coursors dominate your CPU with the Vikings. There's even a surprise Vikings only cursor that is only available with this Windows theme.

Screen shots, icons, and other examples.
To see the background in full size, click on tlhe small example.
For over 75 additional icons, select this link.

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Purple Heroes Windows Theme Desktop Purple Heroes Windows Theme Icons

    The icons seen to the right are as follows:

  1. These are parts of an animated icon that is displayed as programs are loading.
  2. These are parts of an animated icon that is displayed as your system is busy. Just in case you can't figure it out, it simulates an EKG heartbeat in purple, not puker green.
  3. A) Trash empty icon B) Trash icon [the Packer flag on the Viking horn should be enough motivation to keep your trash clean. After all, didn't your mother teach you to clean up after yourself? Mine did.] C) Network Neighborhood icon D) My Computer icon

    System Requirements and suggestions:

  • Most importantly, read the license agreement and readme file contained in the Zip file for additional information and any installation problems.
  • Computer: 486DX/33 (Pentium recommended)
  • Operating System: Windows 95 or better
  • Additional Software: Miscrosoft Plus! for Windows 95 users.
  • Memory: 8 megabytes of RAM (16MB recommended)
  • Free hard disk space: 12.3MB
  • Monitor: 256-color SVGA graphics display (16-bit color recommended)
  • Sound card: Windows-compatible

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