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Purple Heroes Screen Saver

Light Version

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The Purple Heroes Screen Saver brings to your CPU all of the glory of the Vikings. Facts, trivia, and images on the Vikings save your monitor from needless image burn. The screen saver is highly customizable and allows you the following options:

  • You can create any combination of at least 10 different transition effects.
  • The screen saver allows you to determine the time that each photo stays on screen before changing and determine the size of the images.
  • The screen saver is also password compliant which allows you to protect you system from enemy fans (like Packer fans) while you're away.
  • A full readme file contains all of the information that you should need which includes installation/uninstallation instructions and suggestions, trouble shooting, screen saver features/options descriptions, and credits for those who donated their time, money and resources.

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Reduced in size of course.

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35 Year logo dedication screen

Anthony and Cris Carter screen

35 Year logo
dedication screen

Anthony and Cris
Carter screen

    System Requirements and Suggestions:

  • Most importantly, read the license agreement and readme files contained in the Zip file for additional information and any installation problems.
  • Computer: 486DX/33 (Pentium recommended)
  • Operating System: Windows 95 or better
  • Additional Software: Microsoft Plus! for Windows 95 users.
  • Memory: 8 megabytes of RAM (16MB recommended)
  • Free hard disk space: 1.2MB
  • Monitor: 256-color SVGA graphics display (16-bit color recommended)
  • Sound card: Windows-compatible

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