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Sponsored by The Vikings Update, the Purple Heroes Windows icons allow you to customize all of your CPU icons with images of Scott Studwell, Fran Tarkenton, Cris Carter, Brad Johnson, Carl Eller, Fuad Reviez, John Randle, Tommy Kramer, and many many others. The downloadable file contains all of the icons seen below and we recommend that when you unzip the file, that you place all of the icons in your Windows/Media directory so that you can find them easily.

    Minimum Requirements & Suggestions

  • Windows OS 95 compliant or better
  • Windows 95 decompression utility such as PKZip to unzip the the BMPs. Plenty of shareware utilities are available for this. Go to to find one.
  • The icons are in 256 color, anything less and they will look crappy.
  • Save the zip file to your Windows/Media directory so that you will be able to find easily. After unzipping the file, the players first initial, last name, and sequence number will be the file name.

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