Quiet, Productive Offseason for Moss

After a career of off-season newsmaking, Randy Moss has displayed the best leadership of all this year -- saying nothing, but doing a lot.

When is no news good news? When it pertains to Vikings WR Randy Moss. After years of offseason news that included Moss skipping the Vikings workout program (along with several others) to work out at Cris Carter's compound to injuring himself playing semipro basketball, you aren't hearing any of those things this year.

Moss, who attended almost every practice session at Winter Park last offseason, is doing the same this year. In addition, he's bulked up a little by joining the team's strength and conditioning program and has also been working hard on the speed drills -- which he hopes will give him an even more explosive first couple of steps off the line.

While many feared Moss would be content once he signed his huge contract, the truth is very different. Moss is becoming what many believed he could never be -- a leader. He's not pushing himself into the spotlight, he's leading by example -- working as hard or harder than anyone else.

If Moss' work ethic this offseason is contagious and carries into the 2003 season, he could be well on his way back to the Pro Bowl as the league's most dangerous receiver, while minicamp M.I.A. Terrell Owens picks up the mantle of being the NFL's WR bad boy.

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