Moss, Vikes Still Miles Apart

The Vikings are hoping to avoid any contentious end-of-season talks with Randy Moss, but, with little more than a week before training camp, the two sides remain far apart on a contract extension.

The Vikings and owner Red McCombs have insisted that they believe Randy Moss is going to remain a Viking for the rest of his career -- despite comments otherwise from Moss.

VU learned that the effort is kicking up before the start of training camp, as Moss and the Vikings discuss contract terms. But the effort isn't going well, according to team sources.

The story VU has been told is that Vikings have offered a package for a eight-year, $70 million contract that would include a $14 million signing bonus and an average annual salary of $7 million a year. But, in a move reminiscent of the Kevin Garnett negotiations, management is being told to up the ante.

Apparently Moss and his agent continue to believe that the discussions of contract should begin with the contract signed by Brett Favre that has an annual salary of $7.5 million. Moss said last month that he believes a $100 million deal isn't out of the realm of possibility, along with a $20 million signing bonus.

While it looks unlikely that a deal will get struck any time soon, McCombs indicated he is willing to keep negotiations open through the preseason, but, if no deal is done by the start of the regular season, talks would not continue until December at the earliest, but had added that Moss will remain a Viking -- a mantra he has held to whenever questions of trading or losing Moss have come up.

* Allegations are being made by the NAACP against new Vikings commentator Lee "Hacksaw" Hamilton claiming he has made disparaging remarks against African-Americans on his San Diego-based radio show. A couple of VU employees have listened to Hamilton's show on the Internet and, while he can be controversial and at times a little beligerant to callers, there is little evidence from the shows we've heard that Hamilton has a streak of racist remarks or behavior.
* From the Former Vikings Making Megabucks Department comes this: Remember Dewayne Washington? He was the scapegoat for Vikings defensive problems a few years back and took his show to Pittsburgh. Was Denny Green right about Washington after all? Thursday he signed a five-year, $20 million contract to stay with the Steelers that included a $5.25 million signing bonus.

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