Tagliabue Agrees With Red

VU has been told that, while NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue is concerned about any plans to move the Vikings out of Minnesota, he seems to be leaning toward Red McCombs' point of view.

Last month, Vikes owner Red McCombs went to New York to meet with NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue. At question was his concern about keeping the team in Minnesota and the potential financial windfall of moving to L.A.

While McCombs hasn't discussed the meeting, VU has been told that Tagliabue, who is willing to honor the agreement signed by his predecessor Pete Rozelle, is leaning toward McCombs' side. From what VU has been hearing, Tags agrees with Red that the Minnesota Legislature has seemed much more interested in getting stadium deals for the Twins and University of Minnesota.

Tagliabue has said the Vikings must have a new stadium or they won't be able to compete in the NFL's revenue stream department. Considering all three of the other teams in the division have new or renovated stadiums, the Vikes continue to lag behind.

While this shouldn't be viewed as a death sentence by any means, it looks like Red now has a formidable ally in Tagliabue.

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