Vikings Competitive in Stadium Cost

Some people have too much time on their hands for creating leaguewide comparisons. But on slow news days, they come in handy.

The NFL commissioned a study of costs throughout the league and, while the Vikings are at the bottom of the league corporate revenue stream, the team hasn't gone out of its way to make up those numbers by jacking the fans in attendance.

The study, which was obtained by VU, looked at several factors that would come into play for the average fan. Consider the following:

Leaguewide, stadium capacity was at 94.8 percent on an average of 66,326. The Vikings have been hitting at 100 percent with a capacity of 64,065. The one area the Vikings run ahead of league average is cost per ticket. Around the league, the average cost is $50.02 a seat, while the Vikings charge $56.37. However, when it comes to other items, the Vikings run under the league norm.

Want a beer? The league average is $5.07 for 18 ounces. At the Dome, 16 ounces of tap beer costs $4.00. Want a soda? The league average is $2.98 for 19 ounces, as opposed to $2.50 for 16 ounces at the Metrodome. Want a hot dog? The league average is $3.23, while at the Dome it's $3.00.

The one stat we have the hardest time believing is the parking number, set at $13.53 leaguewide and $10 at the Metrodome.

Is the NFL pricing its way out of reach for the average fan? Yes. But the Vikings remain competitive in many areas despite not having the rich-boy revenue streams of many other teams.

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