Say It Ain't So

Usually April 1 is a time to hear rumors that should have no basis in fact. But apparently July 4 works too.

From the heinous rumor department comes this: a story circulating in both New York and Minnesota is that if the Giants cut Ron Dayne, if the Vikings have concerns about the foot of Michael Bennett, the Vikings may make a push to sign Dayne.

VU's take? Don't believe it. Dayne has been one of the biggest first-round busts in league history. Given every chance to be a productive NFL player, the Giants obviously didn't watch a lot of game film on the Heisman Trophy winner. When they drafted him, the hope was he could use his size to be a bruising runner in the mold of Jerome Bettis. That hasn't happened and never will.

Anyone who saw Dayne play for Wisconsin knows he runs like a fat ballet dancer -- on his toes picking and sliding to find a hole. That worked in college, but, in the pros, Dayne has been little more than a big Krispy Kreme cashing a big paycheck.

The Vikings already have the best pro RB Wisconsin has produced in years in Michael Bennett. They don't need Dayne, because he will simply be a bust in purple instead of a bust in blue.

Let's hope this is all just an ugly Fourth of July joke. If the Vikings actually are interesting in Dayne, they will be the July Fools.

* Contrary to the rumor mill, VU has been told that, if Bennett suffers a setback in his rehab, Onterrio Smith, not a glacier like Dayne, will get the first chance to be the starter.
* VU would like to wish all of you a safe and happy holiday weekend.

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