No Progress...Yet

With the clock ticking down to the opening of training camp, the Vikings are still in rookie contract mode. There's both good news and bad news (potentially) on that front.

Yesterday, VU reported on the potential conflicts the Vikings would have dealing with Tom Condon, the agent for first-rounder Kevin Williams. It would seem Condon's plate is getting fuller on the team and could affect Minnesota for more than just Williams.

As reported earlier, Condon has four first-round clients, including Williams and seventh overall pick Byron Leftwich. He also represents Onterrio Smith, who may be seeking more money now that many football observers seem to believe he will be the replacement for injured Michael Bennett.

Also added to the mix is that Condon represents veterans Marvin Harrison and Peyton Manning of the Colts. Because of huge contracts being paid to Manning, Harrison and RB Edgerrin James, the Colts currently don't have enough available cap room to sign their own rookies. Either someone will a big salary (or cap number) will have to be cut or Condon will have to work out extensions for one or both Manning and Harrison.

While many were encouraged about the progress made in negotiations for Williams' contract, Condon it appears is juggling a lot (if not too many) clients at one time. Somebody will get put on the back burner. VU just hopes it isn't Williams and/or Smith.

Also, VU has been told to expect seeing rookie signings pick up starting no later than Friday.

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