Tweets not so sweet from jilted Packers fans

A divisional defection left many Packers fans enraged at Greg Jennings in the hours after he signed with the Vikings. While new and former teammates sent well-wishes, numerous fans took the opportunity to insult Jennings, one tweet at a time.

The NFL has a cooling-down period for players after games. Media can be held out of the locker room for up to 10 minutes after a game.

It gives coaches a chance for their post-game speech and assessments, and gives the players a chance to either celebrate in private … or vent.

Maybe Twitter should invent the same chill period. By the looks of Greg Jennings' timeline on Twitter, Packers fans could have used a timeout, although the level of bile they were spewing Jennings' way certainly would have taken longer than 10 minutes, or even 10 hours, to dissipate.

It was raw emotion.

But, first, the feel-good portion of the social media, brought to you by none other than the players – you know, the same group of people that some fans categorize as attitude problems.

From former Vikings receiver Cris Carter, who will be inducted into the Hall of Fame, in August: "Lets welcome my friend @GregJennings the new #15 in purple."

Well, that's nice. But surely a former teammate of Jennings with the Packers would be torqued at the westward-bound defector, right?

"Change is a big part of our business. Losing friends 2 other teams is tough. Hang in there cheesehead nation, lots 2 b excited about in 2013," Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers tweeted.

Packers linebacker Desmond Bishop added a bit of humor to his good-luck wish: "Personally wanna wish my dawg @GregJennings the best. Just texted him & told him to keep routes on the outside & away from the middle. Lol"

Packers offensive lineman T.J. Lang took the same approach: "I just can't be mad at @GregJennings. Great friend and person. But I hope you enjoyed your last win at Lambeau!! Lol"

Of course, there were many tweets from Jennings' new teammates as well, some simply welcoming him, other adding motivation to help the Vikings get to the Super Bowl, and others just playing on Jennings' endorsement of Old Spice. Fullback Jerome Felton simply tweeted that the signing was sweet because he would get free Old Spice for life. The Vikings locker room might never smell as good as it does this year.

Even Minnesota native and current Arizona Cardinals star Larry Fitzgerald Jr. got into the well-wishing.

"Congrats to @GregJennings on signing with the @Vikings let me know if you need tips on life in MN!!" he tweeted.

But the embittered members of Packers nation simply outweighed and outnumbered those who have become accustomed to the business side of football.

Their tweets ranged from frustration to rage to vulgarity (some we simply couldn't use here).

If you are looking to pour some Green Bay bile over your Saturday morning pancakes, we offer you these prize-winning pieces of prose:

  • From @KSundy23: "Peace out @GregJennings !! Losing the coolest follower you never knew! Enjoy having two guaranteed losses every year! #GoPackGo #YOUBLEWIT"

  • From @MatthewStieber: "@GregJennings Ponder>Rodgers? Oh I forgot the #PACK offered you 10/mil a year and you declined. #BurningYourJersey #BreakYourLeg"

  • From @Wiproblems: "@GregJennings - Just so ya know. It's impossible to #begreat when you're a Viking. #WIproblems"

  • From @8mabba: "@Vikings @GregJennings good luck. Choosing $ over talent will hurt you in the long run. Your QBs u have now can't hold the jock of ARod."

  • From @Dharris0208: "@GregJennings how much did Minnesota pay ur soft ass for 8 weeks of football and 77 weeks of old spice commercials?"

  • From @ashleythielbar: "@GregJennings the ultimate betrayal. Thanks a lot."

  • From @Mavajo: "@GregJennings You'll never break 1,000 yards again, and you'll be cut in 2-3 years. Change your Twitter wallpaper, scumbag."

  • From @JayArr47: "@GregJennings is a greedy traitor. Where's your self-respect, man? Have fun pulling your groin slipping on Minnesota snow."

  • From @karabearah10: "@GregJennings you lost all my respect. You should probably change your name to brett favre. #disappointed"

  • From @gbrilo: "@GregJennings proves to many fans that for him the game is a business and really does not care about loyalty. Makes him diff. than Driver."

  • From @samsova: "@GregJennings = most hated man in Green Bay. Way to go to a team with no QB and terrible fans. No more loyalty in the #nfl#gopackgo"

  • From @757packerfan: "@GregJennings u r a traitor. I cannot believe u would sign with the Vikings. How can u sleep knowing u have disappointed your fan base?"

  • From @g2spga: "@GregJennings let me know where to send my Packers Jersey you autographed. Great role model as it is all about the money."

  • From @JaeQuest: "@GregJennings you leave@AaronRodgers12 for Christian Ponder? Your a sell out get off Brett favres (expletive) you flunkie."

  • From @karissarettler: "I hope Greg Jennings blows both acls at the same time and then falls and crushes his (expletive) so it can't be used #butreally #hateyou"

    There were many more enraged tweets directed to and at Jennings, but some Vikings fans also took the opportunity to get a little smug in response and enjoy the moment. One of them, @TC_L1F3, tweeted: "@GregJennings yep this looks pretty damn good to me" and included a picture of Jennings' new Vikings jersey, a taunt at Packers fans.

    Yes, the power of Twitter was in full throat in the hours after fans learned of Jennings' switch – some calling him Judas instead of Jennings. Ah, Twitter. Building thick-skinned professional athletes, one fan tweet at a time.

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