Cameraman falls after odd question to A.P.

A cameraman pursuing Adrian Peterson in Washington, D.C., fell to the concrete after asking a question about homosexuality in the NFL. After answering one question, the misstep allowed Peterson to escape.

Adrian Peterson gets asked a lot of questions by reporters – many of them repeated on a weekly basis – and answers them all gracefully. The questions he is asked, and the people who asked them, aren't always as graceful.

Case in point: TMZ has a video of a cameraman asking the Minnesota Vikings' star running back a question about homosexuality in the NFL, presumably when Peterson was in Washington, D.C. earlier this week for the White House Easter Egg Roll. Peterson was on hand to promote the "Be Healthy, Be Active, Be You!" theme this year.

"In this day and times, the first person to come out of the closet in the NFL, do you think it will be a white player or a black player? What would easier for him?" the cameraman asked Peterson.

Peterson can be seen rolling his eyes before answering.

"It could be Hispanic," he said. "It could be an Asian. You never know."

The cameraman started to ask another question about whether Peterson thought it would be an offensive or defensive player, but before he could finish the question he fell over and Peterson continued on his way.

Peterson could be seen giving a cursory wave as he got away from the cameraman. Perhaps the fall was karma for an odd, loaded question.

The incident has no bearing on the Vikings roster or much else, but for your viewing pleasure and entertainment purposes the video is below.

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