Holler: Are Harvin, Revis comparisons legit?

While the New York Jets hope to trade Darrelle Revis, they now appear greedy. The Vikings found a good deal for Percy Harvin and took it. So how comparable are the two situations?

The Vikings may hold the cards to a trade/draft situation that has nothing to do with them, but, in the end, may have everything to do with them.

It seems almost inevitable that Darrelle Revis is going to work his way out of New York. Revis Island was a nice slogan, but, coming off of reconstructive knee surgery, wide receivers are hoping to slap the hat off of Gilligan and his surgically repaired island.

Given the clear bargain-basement price that some veteran NFL players agree to, it seems almost inexplicable that, given Revis' health condition, Tampa Bay has offered up the 13th overall pick in the draft to the Jets. That the deal hasn't been finalized seems outrageous. The outrageous part should be that Tampa Bay is willing to take on Revis' mammoth contract. However, the outrageous part is that the Jets want more.

Why? Because Seattle gave the Vikings a first- and seventh-round pick this year and a third-round pick next year in exchange for Percy Harvin. It would appear as though the Jets are looking for more than just a first-round pick for Revis.

Such NFL arrogance seems fitting for the Jets – a tough-talking, underachieving franchise that has often been on the doorstep of the Super Bowl, only to face-plant on the front steps and be dragged away unconscious. The belief that Harvin has raised the bar in terms of a trade for Revis is ludicrous.

The only similarity between Harvin and Revis is that it became apparent to both franchises that the 2013 season won't start with one of their fan-favorite players wearing the home colors. From there, the comparisons diverge badly.

Somewhere in the deep recesses of Winter Park, the decision was made that Harvin wouldn't be the player in which the Vikings wanted to invest $50 million. That decision would go against the wishes of the fan base. More importantly, it would bother several of Harvin's teammates, including franchise face Adrian Peterson.

It was business decision that the Vikings front office felt had to be made. They got value for talent. It can be argued the Vikings got a pretty sweet deal for a disgruntled player who, by all indications, was paving the road to his own way out of town.

The difference with Harvin, which the Vikings may end up regretting, is that, for his NFL career, the best is very likely yet to come. For Revis, entering his seventh season and doing so on a surgically repaired knee, the best may not necessarily be in front of him.

Another significant difference between the trade of Harvin and the proposed trade of Revis is that Seattle offered up the 25th pick in the first round to land Harvin. Tampa Bay is allegedly offering the 13th pick in the draft, which has considerably more stand-alone value than the pick the Vikings received in exchange for Harvin … and the Jets turned it down.

When it became apparent that the Vikings were prepared to move on without Harvin, they tried to maximize their return – getting value in trade compensation and using the free agent market to sign Greg Jennings. The Jets have no such option in front of them. The top cornerbacks on the free agent market have largely been scooped up by other teams already and the best option for the Jets might be to simply take the 13th pick in the draft and use it on a rookie corner like Xavier Rhodes, who Viking Update has targeted for the Buccaneers in our recent mock drafts.

The comparisons that are being drawn between the Vikings' trade of Harvin and the potential Jets' deal of Revis have some validity. Both players wanted out of their current situation. In the end, both are likely to be gone from their former teams by the time the 2013 season starts. But that's where the comparisons stop. The Vikings made a decisive move that got a deal done. The Jets are playing a dangerous game of "Chicken" that might end up blowing up in their face if they discover that their asking price for a one-way ticket to Revis Island isn't what anyone else is willing to pay.

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