Peterson believes 2,500 yards is next

Adrian Peterson reiterated that he doesn't just want to break the single-season record, he believes he can shatter it with 2,500 yards rushing.

When Adrian Peterson came up just eight yards short of the all-time single-season rushing record – accomplished on an unhealed knee – he stated defiantly in his season-ending press conference with the local media that he intends to run for 2,500 yards in 2013.

Almost five months later, the tune hasn't changed. "All Day" is ready to go all day 16 times and remains convinced the current record of 2,105 yards can be blown out of the water by 20 percent.

In an interview with, Peterson said that a personal goal won't be the focus of his season, but if things play out as he expects them to, "the record will be shattered."

2,500 yards sounds like a goal unattainable, much less in a pass-happy NFL that is the current vintage. But the competitive spirit in Peterson is waiting for the backlash of that statement. He needs motivation to take it to the next level. Unfortunately, he's not going to get it here.

After what he accomplished last season, nobody should be blamed for not believing. Those that ridicule the prediction will have a fresher egg hitting them directly in the face as those who claimed Peterson couldn't return at a high level coming off his 2011 injury.

If A.D. is serving up the Kool Aid, be advised to drink.


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  • Punter Chris Kluwe won a Webby Award Tuesday as Athlete of the Year for his online work supporting same-sex marriage.

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