Cowboys likely jealous of Vikings' picks

A Dallas Cowboys fan site got the inside track (from video footage) of the Cowboys' draft rankings. According to the Cowboys' rankings, the Vikings got three picks ranked in the top 13 and may have foiled the Dallas draft plan when they traded down in the first round.

The revolution will be televised.

In one of the stranger stories of the offseason, old-school draft preparation and 21st century technology went head to head and the multi-colored highlighters went down…again.

While probably in danger of having their website on the Dallas Cowboys watch list, you have to love the digital geniuses at for their diligence in making Jerry Jones – the owner of the team they report on – look like the village idiot not once, but twice.

For the second time in four years, that Cowboys fan blog has been able to decipher nearly the entire seven-round draft board of the Cowboys because camera-friendly owner Jerry Jones conducted interviews with ESPN and NFL Network during the draft that included an old-school whiteboard in the background that ranked all of the players on their board from Mr. Franchise to Mr. Irrelevant. With CIA-quality imaging, the blog was able to read (and later publish) every player and where they ranked on the Dallas draft board.

What makes the leaking of the Cowboys draft board even more hilarious (Once? Shame on Jerruh. Twice? Shame on Jerruh) is that Jones is likely incredibly envious of the Vikings' draft haul.

According to the website, Dallas had just 18 players rated as first-round picks. That coincides with Dallas having the 18th pick in the draft. While not specifically mentioned, it lends to the belief that Dallas was prepared to make its pick at No. 18, because, even in a worst-case scenario, one of the 18 players with a first-round grade would still be on the board.

What Dallas may not have expected was that five of their top 18 would still be there when the Cowboys were on the clock. As a result, the Cowboys traded down to No. 31 in order to hopefully get one of the five players that was still there at No. 18.

What makes this ridiculously funny from the Vikings' fan perspective is who the five players were – tight end Tyler Eifert, defensive end Bjoern Werner and three players Vikings fans may be familiar with (Sharrif Floyd, Xavier Rhodes and Cordarrelle Patterson).

The Cowboys took a calculated gamble. They traded down because they were of the belief that one of the five players they had ranked in their own top 18 would still be there. Three of those five players ended up landing with the Vikings. Dallas wanted all three of them. They would have been thrilled with one. They got none.

Floyd was the Cowboys' top-ranked defensive tackle and No. 5 overall. Cordarrelle Patterson was their top-ranked receiver and No. 13 overall. Xavier Rhodes as their second-ranked cornerback and No. 11 overall.

According to the site, the Cowboys also had linebacker Gerald Hodges and defensive tackle Everett Dawkins – fourth- and seventh-round picks by the Vikings, respectively – ranked as third-round values.

In Dallas, they do everything big – both good and bad. The "Taj Ma Y'all" stadium Jones built will remain the ultimate football palace for years to come. He believes he is the smartest guy in the room. The fan site has proved beyond any serious debate that the Cowboys need to eliminate the old-school name-by-name draft board – or, at a minimum, have Jerruh stand in front of a Cowboys banner instead of his war room battle plan when conducting interviews.

Sometimes you just can't make it up. And if the new first-round Vikings have the type of careers they expect, it could end up being sweet retribution for Herschel Walker.

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