Allen: ‘Same old' situation with contract

Jared Allen said there hasn't been anything new with his contract situation as he enters the final year of his deal. Instead, he is focused on getting his shoulder healed and ready for the season.

Jared Allen is walking on unfamiliar ground for his career. The last time Allen was entering the final year of a contract, he was in Kansas City and general manager Carl Peterson made an unfortunate remark regarding Allen in terms of signing him to a long-term contract. He referred to Allen, who had picked up a couple of DWIs as a result of his party lifestyle, as a "troubled young man" who was still at-risk.

Allen, who had seen the light of what could be taken away from him if his off-field antics became news, felt Peterson betrayed him with his public comments that insinuated his run-ins with the law might not be over and that signing him to a long-term deal was a risk.

A man of honor, Allen felt the glove-slap given by Peterson was enough for him. He wanted out. Whatever needed to be done, he was done in Kansas City. A trade with the Vikings was orchestrated in short order and with it came a lucrative multi-year contract that assured he wasn't going to be a one-hit wonder.

The only reason Allen hasn't had that contract torn up and a new deal struck a year or two ago was that he has earned every dollar that was part of the initial deal – a rarity in the modern NFL.

As far as contract negotiations go, Allen and the Vikings aren't meeting and, by all accounts, no meetings are planned. Asked if contract negotiations are making any progress, Allen was his typical dead-honest self and said that nothing has happened and perhaps giving the reason why.

"No – same old, same old," Allen told NFL Network. "I am just out here trying to get better, honestly. It is my first time having to deal with an injury in the offseason as far as surgery goes. So, I am just rehabbing my shoulder in the weight room, getting stronger. It's so good to work out again and train the way I am used to training and to sleep again. Anyone who has had a shoulder injury knows you don't sleep very well. The last few years, I have been tossing and turning."

Vikings fans hope that a healthy, motivated Allen in 2013 will be anywhere close to the healthy, motivated Adrian Peterson of 2012. If that happens, there is no way Allen leaves the Vikings – even if the franchise tag is involved. Allen isn't going to sweat the long-term deal any more than he has to. He's been around the rodeo long enough to know the bull draws the house as much as the riders. If he goes out and shows that El Diablo can still throw ‘em like few others, the final big contract of his career will come his way.

It will come regardless, even if he doesn't have a great 2013 season. Somewhere Daniel Snyder or Jerry Jones are ready to make ridiculously high offers if Allen ever hits free agency – offers that even the late, great Tony Soprano (R.I.P. Jimmy) couldn't refuse. For his part, Allen remains non-committal and positive about his future in the NFL – whether in Minnesota or elsewhere.

"Things always work out the way they are supposed to," Allen said. "Too many times in this league, people focus on their contracts or it's all business. You have holdouts. I have been through that in the past and it is stressful. I am a firm believer that, if you take care of what you are supposed to take care of on the football field, the rest will take care of itself."

Whether 2013 is Allen's Vikings swan song or just the latest chapter in the middle of the book will be determined over the next six months. If Allen puts in the kind of season he anticipates, the Vikings will be on their way to bigger things in January. Allen won't say book your reservations for the first (and potentially last) true cold weather Super Bowl, but, he isn't leaving it out of the realm of legitimate possibility.

"If we stay healthy, I know we have a shot to win some games, win our division, and get to where we need to get," Allen said. "Obviously, this time of year, everybody thinks they are (going to be) Super Bowl champs and that makes this time of year fun. I am not into making bold, outlandish predictions, but we are going to do everything we can to get there and win it."


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