Peterson embraces the ‘Wolverine' comparisons

Adrian Peterson knows he has change the timeline for injury recovery, but he seems to have embraced the nickname of Wolverine because of his recuperative powers.

There are a lot of reasons NFL players don't like Adrian Peterson. If you're a defensive player, he is the focus of your attention. If you're a defensive coach, he's the object of your nightmares.

But the reason for NFL types to be envious of Peterson has more to do with his ability to heal than his ability on the field. His amazing return from ACL/MCL surgery has garnered Peterson a slew of awards, astounded medical professionals and raised the bar for recovery times for elite athletes.

Peterson, who attended a two-day speed and agility camp in Frisco, Texas over the weekend, was asked about his remarkable recovery. Since his return, every player from high school to the pros has been asked about A.P.'s quick and effective return from a devastating injury, making him the benchmark for coming back. From Robert Griffin III to Derrick Rose of the NBA's Chicago Bulls, as players attempt their own rehab processes, the comparisons invariably turn to Peterson. Now, apparently they're going to compare to the most famous of the X-Men.

Responding to the comparisons being made to other athletes' recovery from major surgery, Peterson said he thinks the comparisons aren't fair because most athletes don't have his recuperative powers.

"One thing I tell people is people's bodies are different, they heal different," Peterson said. "They call me Wolverine. My body does heal pretty quickly. Everyone isn't built like that. But it's all about the work you put into it. I definitely made it hard on people, but it is what it is."

Hopefully Peterson won't be growing an awesome pair of mutton chops to prove his point, but the NFL may have found a new nickname for Peterson. They've already run out of superlatives to discuss his return, so Wolverine may be the next logical step in describing the unearthly recovery skills of Peterson.

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