Williams' ‘dream' is more time with Vikings

Kevin Williams accepted a paycut and reduced years on his contract, but he would still like to sign another contract with the Vikings to keep him in purple for a few more years.

Kevin Williams knows the score when it comes to aging football players in a (sometimes strapped) salary-cap world.

Broken down players with puffed-up salaries don't last, but Williams isn't much of the former and dieted down the latter when he accepted a $2.5 million paycut to $5 million this year. "Accepted" essentially means it was either take the cut or face the potential for being cut.

Still, Williams isn't about to quietly pack his bags and just accept a slow ride into the sunset after this season. With his paycut also came the voiding of the 2014 season on his contract, but he said he wants to continue playing beyond 2013.

"I definitely want to play a couple more years, but I'm going to take it year by year," Williams said after a practice at his 11th Vikings training camp. "Who says I might be done after this year? In the back of my mind, I think I have a couple, two, three more years to play."

If Williams is able to extend his NFL career, it might not be with the Vikings.

While Williams restructured his contract before the Vikings had any idea how the 2013 NFL Draft would play out, they eagerly jumped at the chance to draft another defensive tackle, Sharrif Floyd, when the anticipated top-five pick slid all the way to the Vikings at No. 23 overall.

That further leads analysts down the road that this could be Williams' final season in purple, but, despite being forced to surrender some anticipated money in 2013, he maintains he would like to stay with the Vikings and seems sincere in that sentiment.

"That's always the dream," Williams said. "How often does it happen in this league? How great would it be to finish your career with one team? I think Ray Lewis just did it, but how many guys do you see that are actually able to do it. It would be a good accomplishment to go on your list."

Williams has never been in the position before where he has considered any other possibility since the Vikings drafted him in 2003. Although it might have seemed natural for him to consider a timetable for retirement over the last few years after seeing his counterpart, Pat Williams, retire, Kevin said the conversation never surfaced with his family until this year.

"Actually, this is the first time I've been in that situation," he said. "I've always known where I was going to be and which team I was going to be playing for, so I definitely want to play more football. Where I'm going to be, we'll see come January."

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