Peterson goes ‘All Day' answering fans

Adrian Peterson answered a wide range of fan questions on, from his favorite players to stem-cell therapy to his preferred nickname.

In honor of Adrian Peterson achieving one of his bucket list items – getting his face on the Wheaties box – he has been making the media rounds Tuesday.

Part of that promotion was to do a live chat with fans on the social media site for a chat.

The great thing about an interview with fans is that the range of questions doesn't deal with the X's and O's of football, as we would soon find out when Peterson referred to (other) reporters as Sour Patch Kids.

Here's what A.D. (see below) had to say:

  • Robert Griffin III admitted that part of his therapy involved stem cells. Did A.P. use stem cell therapy as part of his treatment? No. It was brought up, but he rejected it. He went with the natural recuperative method.

  • Aside from his injury, what was the toughest challenged he has faced? Losing his brother when he was 7 years old. He held him as they awaited the ambulance to arrive and watched him slip into a coma from which he wouldn't recover. "It was that one thing that made me who I am," Peterson said.

  • How does the locker room feel about Christian Ponder? Confident, saying he is becoming more of a leader and taking command of the huddle.

  • Was he bitter when he found out he was nine yards short of breaking the single-season rushing record? He said it was bittersweet because they had made the playoffs with the win over Green Bay and knocked Chicago out of the playoffs. He knew he was short of the record – he figured they would have stopped the game or announced to the crowd had he broke the record – but was unaware he came just eight yards short of tying Eric Dickerson's record.

  • Had he not been a Viking, what team would he have wanted to draft him? The Houston Texans (the closest NFL team to where he grew up).

  • Does he eat Wheaties? Yes – with bananas – and he's dabbling in Muddy Wheaties with chocolate milk. One can only assume evil dentists are wringing their hands and maniacally laughing. The best part? He called Muddy Wheaties "scrumptious."

  • Asked about his killer handshake, does he give a handshake stiffer to reporters than he does others? Yes, he does, to some reporters. He added that reporters can be like Sour Patch Kids – nice and so sour at times. DISCLAIMER: Unfortunately for some of us who grew up in the "Sir" and "Ma'am" etiquette era, offering a handshake is too automated to pull back. I've done it more than a dozen times. Only a couple of times has he given it his knuckle-busting best. Sid doesn't shake with him.

  • What does he think about being referenced as Purple Jesus? He doesn't like it, because "there's only One."

  • Does he prefer to be called AD or AP? His answer was emphatic: "AD!"

  • Aside from himself, who would he consider the best running back in the NFL? In order, Arian Foster and Marshawn Lynch for productivity, and Chris Johnson and Frank Gore for talent.

  • Who is his funniest teammate? Jared Allen.

  • Who were his NFL role models? Antoine Winfield and Jeff Dugan. He said Dugan wasn't a physically gifted elite athlete, but he went above and beyond his talent with his work ethic.

  • Asked about the crown of the helmet rule, Peterson said he understood the rationale, but added that the requirement of dropping down from the head has resulted in knee injuries such as Miami tight end Dustin Keller sustained last weekend.

  • Who are players he is friends with on other teams? In order as listed: Larry Fitzgerald, Antonio Cromartie, Sidney Rice, Percy Harvin, Arian Foster, Andre Johnson, Antonio Smith, Leon Washington and Jacoby Jones. Aside from the inordinate number of Texans on the list, he added to Harvin's inclusion by saying, "even though he only answers the phone every blue moon."

  • When he's not playing, what teams does he follow in the offseason? The Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder.

  • Who does he think is the best rookie running back prospect this season? Eddie Lacy of the Packers.

  • His favorite NFL player? Barry Sanders.

  • What defensive player hits the hardest? Shaun Rogers.

  • What kind of car does he drive? A BMW 760.

  • Did he enjoy his forays into acting on TV shows like "The League?" It was cool because he's a fan of the show and it was fun doing something outside of football. He also commented he had no problem working with Sports Illustrated model Brooklyn Decker.

  • What is his favorite food? Seafood. He said has to be careful what he eats, but also enjoys Chinese and Italian food. Soul food, he said, "is just a part of me, so I don't really consider that."

  • Had he not gone into football, what would his career choice have been? He would be in real estate and property acquisition.

  • If he was to name a fantasy football team for himself, what would it be? All Day All Stars!

  • Xbox or PlayStation? PlayStation.

    As expected, the questions were across the board – some insightful, some guilty pleasure questions. For those who asked particularly annoying questions, perhaps they're happy there wasn't an exit handshake involved.

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