Sunday slant: Low expectations for Vikings

If you thought the expectations for the Vikings locally were negative, you should see the national predictions from NFL reporters, analysts and odds-makers.

If the Minnesota Vikings thought there was a hint of negativity about their prospects locally, they'll want to bury their heads in their Detroit hotel room this morning.

The Vikings are, as Rodney Dangerfield said, getting no respect. Maybe they garner some locally, but not much of an ounce of respect nationally, whether it's from media giant ESPN or the bookies who make a fortune off the misfortunes of others.

ESPN's predictions were just the most stunning evidence of it yet. Of 35 ESPN reporters and analysts employed to cover the NFL at large, only one of them picked the Vikings to win the NFC North this year. Who was that bold, go-against-the-grain prognosticator? Cris Carter – yes, the former Minnesota Viking who was just inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Of the 34 other votes cast that ESPN unveiled, only one person, former NFL defensive back Eric Allen, picked the Detroit Lions. Five others picked the Chicago Bears, and the rest of the crew filed the populist opinion, picking the Green Bay Packers.

Carter's running mate for several years during the heyday of the Vikings' passing game, Randy Moss, now an NFL analyst with FOX Sports 1, sided with Carter, saying Vikings can unseat the Packers with Adrian Peterson in the backfield and if Christian Ponder can improve at quarterback.

"I think the Minnesota Vikings have a good shot contending with Green Bay for the division," Moss said during a FOX Sports conference call with reporters last week, according to the Star Tribune. "Green Bay is very strong, and really nobody in that division should be able to compete with them. But Minnesota has been steady on defense. They've made some acquisitions at wide receiver. And, of course, you know the MVP (Adrian Peterson). It's really on Ponder. If I could pick any of the three (other teams in the division), it would be the Minnesota Vikings, depending on the year Ponder has. I think coach Leslie Frazier will have them ready."

The irony of Moss conducting a conference call as a member of the media aside, he is right to qualify his statement on the performance of Ponder. No Viking has more pressure on him this year than the third-year pro. If he can make the improvements he did from Year 1 to Year 2 – going from 1,853 yards, 13 touchdowns, 13 interceptions and a 70.1 rating to 2,935 yards, 18 TDs, 12 INTs and an 81.2 rating – and further ascend in Year 3, the Vikings should be in position to unseat the Packers.

But even Ponder says he understands the lack of respect he engenders. Quite simply, he hasn't earned it yet. Former NFL QB Ron Jaworski ranked Ponder 27th in his quarterback listing this summer.

Was Ponder offended? Hardly.

"I think the 27th ranking is probably rightfully so with how I've played," he said. "The good thing about that is it leaves me a lot of opportunity to improve and move up in the rankings."

Maybe that's part of the issue critics have with Ponder. There isn't the bravado so many of the top quarterbacks possess. Should he be offended by being ranked so low?

On a broader scale than just Ponder, the entire team is predicted to take a dip in wins, according to the money machine that is Las Vegas. The Packers have their over-under win total set at 10½, the Bears at 8½, the Lions at 8 and the Vikings at 7½, according to

Apparently even Vegas' prediction isn't low enough in the betting public's mind. The Vikings are ranked third among teams that the public loves to pick under the posted total, according to Bovada.

But all the predictions of a dip from last year don't seem to bother Frazier. Like a lawyer spouting a disclaimer, he doesn't want his players thinking that last year's success is indicative of future results.

"I think all of us standing here know that every year stands on its own. It's just 2013," Frazier said. "This team, this league, will be far different than 2012. So we've got to come out and earn everything that we get. I'm sure Detroit is not talking about the fact that we were a playoff team a year ago. We've got to put our nose to the grindstone and get it done. There's nothing we can hold onto from a season ago."


  • DT Kevin Williams won't be playing Sunday because of a knee injury he sustained when San Francisco 49ers offensive lineman got him with a blindside hit to the knee. Williams said he never heard from Looney.

    "He said he wasn't trying to. He said what he said, and what he did is two different things," Williams said. "I didn't think there was any place for it. He could have hit me high."

  • RB Bradley Randle was back in California last Sunday after being released by the Minnesota Vikings when he got his callback to the practice squad. The mission for him last week: mimic Detroit Lions RB Reggie Bush as a member of the Vikings' scout team. So is there concern that this might be a one-week assignment for Randle and that he could be released Monday in favor of Joe Banyard?

    "Whatever it is, this is nothing but opportunity so that's fine with me," said Randle, who grew up watching a lot of Barry Sanders. "I'll always give my best, I'll always give my good looks to the scout team."

  • Rookie fullback Zach Line will have about 30 friends and family at Ford Field, but about 10 of them have season tickets for the Lions, he said.

    "It is my hometown so you could possibly think that it might be nerve-wracking to have all my old fans coming there. It's just another game. I've had family at a lot of games," said Line, who was a star running back at SMU and grew up a fan of the Lions. "They're good about traveling. It will be fun. If anything, I've played one high school game at Ford Field. We crushed the team we played, so it would be nice to go back there and do it again."

  • Keep an eye on the Lions secondary. They signed safety DeJon Gomes recently as a backup safety. He was the player that was tackling Adrian Peterson at FedEx Field in December 2011 when the All-Pro running back tore his ACL.

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