Vikings issue reminder about new bag policy

Knowing that the preseason crowd can be far different from the regular-season crowd dominated by season ticket owners, the Vikings are warning fans again about the NFL's new bag policy.

Hello, ladies. How you doin'?

That's not how the Vikings would open a press conference (much less follow it up with a backward head snap, a half-smile and a wink), but it's time Pursegate 2013 gets its fair shake.

Of the season ticket holders who attend Vikings games ritualistically, there is a significant portion of them who don't attend preseason games. For the well-heeled, it's a tad unseemly.

And the women carry purses.

The crowd that came to see Cordarrelle Patterson play more than six offensive snaps in the preseason will be largely different from the one that attends Sunday's game with the Browns. And a small percentage of women unaware of the NFL's new bag policy could be salty.

At both preseason games, fans unaware of the new rules came up to the entrance gate and were routinely sent back from whence they came because their purse was too big.

Make no mistake, ladies. The "clutch" was too big. Imagine something the size of a human hand on someone less than 6 feet tall. Any bigger than that and you're not getting it in.

From what Viking Update saw before the first two preseason games, only a couple of people came to the entrance gate with the classic "diaper bag" sized purse, but several came up with a small purse and the men in yellow said, "Sorry, but no." They read the rules. They thought it was small enough. Unfortunately, it wasn't.

Come Sunday, either forget the purse or make it so small that it won't really hold much more than a phone and keys. Or enjoy the team-supplied clear bag sent to season ticket holders.

Be forewarned, ladies. Don't be one of the upset women.


  • While the Vikings elected not to reduce the required ticket sales to 90 percent of Metrodome capacity in order to have their home games televised locally, as they did last year, they have already sold enough tickets for the first two regular-season games at the Metrodome (Sunday against Cleveland and Oct. 13 against Carolina) to avoid a local TV blackout. The Green Bay game on Oct. 27 is down to single tickets and the final four home games at Mall of America Field are "moving along very well," according to Jeff Anderson, director of corporate communications.

  • The Cleveland Browns continue to be evasive as to whether Brandon Weeden, who injured his thumb Sunday, or backups Jason Campbell or Brian Hoyer will get the start. The Vikings aren't going to change their defensive scheme for any of them. Alan Williams can tell his defenders that the team is game planning for Weeden or for someone worse. The play calls won't change, so the Browns really don't have to keep their plans a secret much longer.

  • In one of the stranger moves of the year, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are being forbidden from wearing their orange throwback uniforms in Week 4. Under the league's policy, teams and players are assigned a single helmet. If a team opts to do a throwback uniform game, they must use the same helmet and swap out the decals. For example, the Bears were wearing throwback uniforms Sunday, but were wearing their regular helmets – just with the trademark "C" removed. In the case of the Buccaneers, there is no way of changing the pewter and red current helmet into the "Creamsicle orange" helmet with the Jack Sparrow-looking buccaneer with a flamboyant hat (complete with a big feather) and a knife in his teeth. Hey, it was the 1970s. But, because the decals can't merely be switched, fans with Hi-Def color will be spared the blinding orange Buccaneer uniforms.

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