Vikings offensive, defensive rankings

Where do the Vikings rank in all the offensive and defensive categories? Here are their results through four weeks.

Offensive Category Vikings Offensive Rank
Tot Yards/Game 15
Tot Yards/Play 10
Tot Yards/Game Rushing 10
Rushing Avg 8
Passing Yards/Game 24
Pass Avg 9
% Had Intercepted 27
Sack/Pass Play 22
1 Downs/Game 26
3 Down Efficiency 12
4 Down Efficiency 3t
Punt Return Average 32
Kick Return Average 2
Gross Punt Average 15t
Net Punt Average 10
Points/Game 5
Field Goal Pct 13t
Defensive Category Vikings Defensive Rank
Tot Yards/Game 29
Tot Yards/Play 22
Tot Yards/Game Rushing 13
Rushing Avg 23
Passing Yards/Game 32
Pass Avg. 22
% Had Intercepted 8
Sack/Pass Play 27
First Downs/Game 31
3rd Down Efficiency 30
4th Down Efficiency 16t
Punt Return Average 10
Kick Return Average 32
Gross Punt Average 3
Net Punt Average 13t
Points/Game 29
Field Goal Pct 24t
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