Vikings' quarterback decision is coming soon

A decision about the Vikings' starting quarterback is coming in the next few days and Josh Freeman isn't out of the question this week.

Leslie Frazier isn't inclined to play coy with the New York Giants. He wants to make his decision at quarterback by Wednesday.

Last week, with Josh Freeman hot off the free-agent wire after being released by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the decision for Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier was a two-party race. This week, the independent will receive strong consideration.

"I'd like to by the time we get back in practice on Wednesday, which is a shorter practice, have an idea of which guy is going to be leading our team," Frazier said Monday after the Vikings' 35-10 loss at the hands of the Carolina Panthers. "We'll talk about it today and tomorrow, because we've got to put the game plan together, so we're going to try to have a conclusion by Wednesday so we can go out and get that guy the reps he needs for the game."

All three of the Vikings quarterbacks are likely being considered because Freeman would have almost two full weeks in the system and the Vikings have a Monday night game against the New York Giants, giving them an additional day of practice this week.

Freeman spent Sunday with the earpiece attached and listening to the play calls and talking with quarterbacks coach Craig Johnson. Frazier said he at least wants to get a gauge from Freeman before making a decision.

"I want to talk with him a little bit and just pick his brain some, talk through some things and see where he is. Our offensive coaches will do the same," Frazier said.

"I want to sit down and discuss some things with (the quarterbacks), and make a decision as I get a feel for where they are."

It was clear during Frazier's day-after press conference that he believed at least one of Matt Cassel's two interceptions was due to getting rid of the ball too late. And it might also be hard to go back to Christian Ponder after playing Cassel ahead of him Sunday when Ponder was healthy enough to play. However, it might be easier to do that with a road game than it would be at home, where Ponder was booed repeatedly in his last start.

And that brings us to Freeman, who has the challenge of joining the team just last week and trying to pick up the offense quickly. Frazier acknowledged Freeman is facing a difficult task, and last week the coaches indicated it likely will be a pared-down playbook whenever Freeman is in the game for the rest of the season.

"I would think it would be very difficult. He's a bright young man. We saw that last week watching him, working with him and seeing how he picked things up during the course of the week," Frazier said. "(Sunday) on the sidelines, he had the earpiece in and he was asking questions on the sideline. Talking to our offensive line, he's intuitive. He's a guy that can grasp information and be able to process it as well. But there's no question, missing all of offseason and training camp as well that there are challenges. But we can help him from a coaching standpoint as well."

Ultimately, Frazier gave every indication that a decision would be made Wednesday and he wouldn't try to hide it from the public.

"I think everybody's pretty healthy (among the quarterbacks). We can come to the conclusion where they are as we meet with them," he said. "You guys will know when I know."

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