Freeman trying to find his comfort level

Josh Freeman said he is clear of concussion symptoms and ready to go, although he hadn't been told as of Monday if he would start Sunday. He reflected on his first start for the Vikings and his outlook going forward.

The only diagnosed concussion of Josh Freeman's professional career kept him from starting two consecutive games for the Vikings, at least to this point, but he is back in the mix as the team's next starter.

Head coach Leslie Frazier said Monday that the health of Freeman coming off his concussion on Oct. 21 would play a factor in naming the next starting quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings. So will Freeman's declaration that he was clear of all symptoms on Saturday be the indication needed to make him the starter Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys?

We'll have to wait a little longer for that answer, but Freeman has had more time to review his debut after being rushed into action less than two weeks after signing with the Vikings. It didn't seem to change his original analysis.

"You know, it was just a hair off. Just a few throws here and there. We got to find a way to get points on the board early and not be in that situation," he said Monday.

Freeman was credited with 16 overthrows in a debut that had him passing the ball 53 times and connecting on only 20 of those attempts. His 40.6 rating was one of the worst of his career.

"I wouldn't say it was nervousness at all. You're just fired up to be out there and just a little high on some throws, and put a little too much heat on a couple of them," he said. "It definitely was a great learning experience."

Freeman was back at the team facility on Monday, but wasn't sure then if he would be starting in Dallas.

"With this league, you really don't know what to expect. I know that Christian (Ponder) and Matt (Cassel) are fierce competitors as well," he said. "I'm just going to continue to try to get ready myself and being in the best playing shape I can be.

He said his preparation wouldn't change based on his status as a starter or backup and declined to get into analyzing the decision-making process of the coaching staff and management.

"That's kind of out of my pay grade. That's the coaches' decision," he said when asked if the team needs to stick with a starting quarterback. "That's obviously their decision about who is going to play. My job is to continue to prepare as well as I can and be ready to go.

"It was an electric atmosphere (Sunday night against the Packers). Fans were real loud. It was pretty crazy. But it was frustrating any time you lose a game. I think the Packers came out and really just played better football. They made some plays. Any time your team is losing, it's frustrating. You want to do everything you can, regardless of your role, to help your team win."

The Vikings are 1-6, and by the time they face the Packers again, Freeman could be the team's starter for multiple games in a row. He will have had almost another month in the system by then.

"Anytime you study a new system, the verbiage, how they call plays, visualizing things, getting a better feel for (offensive coordinator Bill) Musgrave and his play-calling and how he likes to install things and what we're trying to do with the football," Freeman said. "The more time you spend with that, the more comfortable you feel."

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