Cook fined $26,250, admits future at stake

CB Chris Cook was fined $26,250 by the NFL for making contact with an official. He explained why he was upset at the official two plays earlier, but said he needs to keep his composure and hopes to improve his future in the league with his last four games of the season.

Minnesota Vikings cornerback Chris Cook was fined $26,250 for making contact with an NFL official during Sunday's game against the Chicago Bears.

The incident happened in the third quarter after Bears receiver Alshon Jeffery caught a 46-yard pass over Cook for a touchdown. Cook rose to his feet and grabbed the shirt of side judge Laird Hayes.

"I kind of touched his arm, but it wasn't really like I was trying to push him on the ground or something. It makes it seem like I was trying to push him on the ground or something like that, but I just got up and said ‘that was bull' about the play a few plays before," Cook said after Wednesday's practice. "I can't really do anything about the calls that they make within the game and I've just got to be a man about it and just move onto the next play."

Cook said he was upset Jeffery was allowed to knock his arm away without having offensive pass interference called two plays earlier.

"The ball was literally falling in my lap and my arm was grabbed and I couldn't get my other arm …" Cook said.

"I know it was (offensive) pass interference but, you know, I'm not a referee so it's not my call to make," Cook said. "I was still frustrated about that and then they turn around and scored and it made me even more mad. Like I said, I was frustrated. I let my emotions get the best of me and I know I can't react like that – especially towards an official."

Cook said his agent has already appealed the fine, but he admitted most of his teammates don't think it will be reduced.

Head coach Leslie Frazier talked to Cook Wednesday morning about the incident.

"We had a good conversation. He knows he's going to get hit pretty heavy in the pocket," Frazier said. "He just has to be able to keep his composure going forward and handle things the right way. There are going to be negative things that happen on the field and he has to handle it the right way."

After nearly four full seasons with the Vikings, Cook is in the final year of his rookie contract. He has started only 27 games and played in only 31 because he has missed 29 games because of injuries or legal troubles. He still doesn't have an interception in his career.

"At stake these last four games? I don't know. Your guys' guess is as good as mine. My future," Cook told reporters. "That's really the biggest thing that's at stake for me. It's a contract year for me. I've had a pretty rough year by my standards and I've just got to go out and ball out these last four games."

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