NFL: Snowballs a ‘stadium security issue'

While Leslie Frazier and players had different reactions to having snowballs thrown at them, the league called it a stadium security issue.

Leslie Frazier said Monday the Vikings would make the NFL aware of the snowballs that were being thrown at their players at M&T Bank Stadium on Monday, but a league spokesman called it a "stadium security issue" in an e-mail inquiry from Viking Update.

The issue came to the forefront after Adrian Peterson wrote about it on his Twitter account after Sunday's loss to the Baltimore Ravens, a game in which Peterson was hurt in the second quarter and didn't return.

"Wow talking about bad officiating & the worst fan base I've ever experience! They threw snow balls the entire 4q like lil kids. Smh," Peterson tweeted on Sunday.

He followed up with a series of tweets later that night.

  • "So You just enjoying the game & the next thing you know ur hit in the face with a ball of ice correction not snowballs ICE BALLS."

  • "Not funny or fun! That's all I'm saying, it wasn't cool. Like it or not that's how I feel about it!"

  • "From the top deck too!"

  • "I was blessed with this voice to say what so ever I desire, just like you all that have a opinion on what I had to say!"

    Ravens coach John Harbaugh didn't sound very concerned about it when asked on Monday.

    "Who doesn't throw snowballs when it snows?" Harbaugh said. "Maybe Minnesota, because they're so used to snow. Maybe that has gotten old for them. I don't know. What do you want me to say? We have the best fans in the NFL, I can tell you that."

    Frazier said he wasn't spared from it, either.

    "I felt a snowball on my back, too," he said with a laugh. "I felt it too. It was not specific to anyone. Anyone wearing purple. It's not what the league wants, not what anybody wants."

    Safety Jamarca Sanford saw the snowballs being launched at Vikings players and coaches during the game that started with relatively heavy snow that later turned to sleet, but he wasn't hit.

    "I saw them flying. I didn't think they meant anything in any way. They were just having fun," Sanford said. "It was a good game, physical game that came down to the end. They were just having fun with the snowballs. That's the way I took it. At the end of the day, it's football and they didn't hurt nobody. They didn't show too much class by doing it, but at the same time it was fun and games."

    Sanford said he didn't hear any rude fan comments to accompany the snowballs and fullback Jerome Felton said he didn't pay much attention to it. However, Felton called it "annoying."

    "I didn't pay too much attention. Obviously it's annoying," Felton said. "It's not very classy. But that's their prerogative."

    Frazier said he didn't address the topic with the team after the game, despite them having their plane delayed for several hours, but said on Monday he would discuss with the league and with the team's security.

    "I did see snowballs coming. Didn't address it right after the game – there were so many things on my mind, obviously, at that time," he said. "But it's definitely something we'll have to talk with our security about and make our league aware of as well."

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