Holler: The craziest (worst?) QB idea yet?

The Vikings may have a roster spot to fill at quarterback whether they draft one or not. In what could be an hour or insanity, John Holler offers up one possibility.

In a line from just about every bad teen comedy, somebody says, "It may sound crazy, but it just might work."

While hijinks typically ensues following that cryptic phrase, the result is usually positive – or ends in a bloody mess.

This may sound crazy, but it just might work.

Given the Vikings' uncertainty at quarterback, a new offense being installed, early indicators that the three quarterbacks worthy of selection at No. 8 will be gone, and that the Vikings will play there next two seasons outdoors, why not give Tim Tebow a shot?

You were forewarned that it might be crazy. But, from the business side of things, it just might work.

Years from now when Vikings fans discuss the stadium experience the Twin Cities has never seen – two years of the NFL at a college stadium – the two years at the Bank are going to change the playing field considerably. For players who endured the old-school Minnesota December weather, that is not a cool prospect.

Enter Tebow.

The Vikings have no assurances at quarterback other than Christian Ponder, if retained, is still under contract. Matt Cassel has the option to get out of the 2014 version of his two-year contract after the Super Bowl. If he does, the last starter the Metrodome ever saw will be on the next step of his adventure.

Enter Tebow.

Perhaps, most importantly, remember the quarterback who is guaranteed not to be back – the ill-fated Josh Freeman. The Vikings spent $2 million – a pretty high-end neighborhood – to take a look under the hood. They didn't like what they saw and ate the expense.

Enter Tebow (and somewhere, Herm Edwards says, "Hello?!")

The reality is that Tebow is unemployed from his chosen profession and, in the current economy, his analyst gig could potentially be short-term. His current price tag is markedly lower than the temperature of the bath water the Vikings paid for to give Freeman a look-see. Given the money used to stoke the organizational fire, the cost-to-failure ratio is minimal.

Enter Tebow.

While it's a decision that likely won't have to be made any time soon, at best, Tebow would come to the Vikings as a No. 3 quarterback, who, while a distraction by the Tebowmania that tends to follow him, is currently available at team-friendly pricing. Regardless of whether the Vikings draft a QB at No. 8 if one of the Big 3 falls to them, the No. 3 quarterback position could be open for competition.

Enter Tebow?

It may sound crazy, but it just might work.


  • Percy Harvin sent out some love for Adrian Peterson at Super Bowl Media Day. Asked if he thought Peterson would eventually join him as a player subjected to the Media Day circus, Harvin said, "I have no idea, but he's definitely a player that's worth it. I've seen his work ethic and how he goes about his business. It would be good one day for him to get a ring."

  • From the "Thanks For the Ridiculous Legal Challenges" Department comes this: the sale of $462 million in stadium bonds by the State of Minnesota completed on Tuesday. From the sound of banking pundits, the 4.27 percent interest rate the state received is a better rate than it would have received two weeks ago if not for an ill-fated capricious legal challenge that delayed the bond sale until Tuesday. At least stadium opponents got a little less to gripe about.

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