Time To Start Thinking Roster Size

Vikings coach Dennis Green and his coaching staff will be making the majority of their roster decisions in the coming weeks, leaving almost 30 current Vikings on the outside looking in.

Next week is the big week for all the Vikings rookies and low-key free agents. Cut week is just around the corner, and with the players' day off today and a game Friday night, those on the bubble have just a handful of practices and one more game to make an impression.

Since the third preseason game is usually the one where the starters get the most work, often going at least one series into the second half, practice remains the best place for the bubble players to make the best impression. Plus, the Vikings face a great offensive test Friday night against the Indianapolis Colts.

Next Tuesday, August 28, starts the roster trimming in earnest and teams around the NFL will start getting down from their allotted training camp roster size of 80 plus NFL Europe allocations down to 65. That leaves 15 Vikings players in jeopardy on or before August 28 with one week of practices to either secure or reverse their fate.

VU will look at and talk about some of the potential bubble players in the coming week. Rosters have to be trimmed to 53 players Sept. 2 with a five-man practice squad being formed on Sept. 3.

* The Vikings were scheduled to practice Saturday in north Minneapolis, one of the Twin Cities' poorest neighborhoods, with about 2,500 youth invited to attend practice. However, with much-needed rain coming down yesterday, the team shipped the youth to their Eden Prairie practice facility and packed them on the sidelines of their indoor field.
* Moe Williams continues to remain the Vikings' most serious injury, as he missed another practice with a strained ligament in his foot.
* Linebacker Craig Sauer may not be out of the injury woods yet. After missing the second half of last season with a foot injury, he was thought to have overcome it in the offseason. However, he missed practice yesterday to visit a foot specialist in Toronto after experiencing some soreness.

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