Source: Peterson not alone in Vick to Vikings

Adrian Peterson isn't the only one interested in exploring a union between Mike Vick and the Vikings, according to a source.

Adrian Peterson isn't the only one who thinks Mike Vick could help the Vikings. Apparently, so does Vick.

Earlier this week, Adrian Peterson tweeted "@MikeVick would intently make the Vikings a playoff team!" ("Intently" was likely meant to read "instantly.")

That might have actually been in response to an NFL Network tweet pandering for responses to their question: "Mike Vick would instantly make ________ a playoff contender." NFL Network included a photo of Vick with a generic jersey with a big question mark on it.

But Peterson might not be the only one that thinks the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback could help the Vikings. Vick's camp is interested in setting up a meeting with the Vikings when that is allowed, according to an NFL source.

Of course, that is only one side of the story. The Vikings have to be interested, too, and the two sides can't legally begin talking until Saturday, when a three-day window opens for free agents to talk with teams other than their current one. Teams can negotiate with "outside" free agents from Saturday until the start of free agency at 3 p.m. Central Tuesday, but they can't execute a contract until free agency begins.

On Thursday, Vikings coach Mike Zimmer said the team would like to re-sign QB Matt Cassel, who started six games and played in another three, essentially splitting the start duties with Christian Ponder (Josh Freeman also started one game).

"I would love to have Matt Cassel back if Matt Cassel wants to be back. I don't know if that will happen or won't happen," Zimmer said. "But we're going to find a quarterback somewhere. And if it's not Matt Cassel, then we'll find someone else. I want guys who want to be here. I want guys that want to be part of the franchise, be part of the organization, be part of the team. And if Matt wants to come back, I'm sure that we'll get it worked out."

Zimmer said he has talked with Cassel on the phone and he acknowledged that Cassel would likely explore his free-agent options before any potential re-signing with the Vikings. The Houston Texans are reportedly interested in Cassel, and he has a connection there, as new Texans coach Bill O'Brien coached Cassel for two seasons when the two were with the New England Patriots.

"I think everyone wants to explore," Zimmer said. "He's got a bunch of pretty girls looking at him right now. And he wants to explore and see what's best for him. I don't blame any of these guys. In free agency, I think that's why they have the rules is that they get a chance to go see what their market's worth. Then if they find a better situation than what they think is here, then I think that's everywhere."

Zimmer said he believes Vikings players rallied around Cassel last year.

As for Peterson tweeting about Vick, Zimmer didn't seem too amused.

"I think he has his opinions. I like Adrian a lot from the little time that I've talked to him," Zimmer said. "I know that he's a great running back. I don't know anything else."

The Associated Press reported that the Philadelphia Eagles haven't ruled out re-signing Vick, but he is also looking for an opportunity to start. He might have a better chance with the Vikings sans Cassel than with the Eagles. Vick started six games for the Eagles last year before being replaced by Nick Foles. Jacksonville and the New York Jets are also considered viable options for Vick.

If not Cassel or Vick, another option for the Vikings is Josh McCown, who is also scheduled to be a free agent after getting five starts for the Bears when Jay Cutler was injured.

The Vikings are expected to draft a quarterback in the early rounds of May's draft, but Zimmer said he doesn't have a preference if his starting quarterback comes via free agency or the draft.

"It all depends, but what I want to do is play the best guy. I don't care if he's a rookie, if he's a veteran, if he's a returner," Zimmer said. "It doesn't matter to me who the quarterback is if he can win games, and that's really what it's about, winning football games and figuring out how to do that. If we have to run the wishbone, then we'll do that. I don't really care. Honestly, I don't care. We want to find the best players at each position and get them to play real good together."

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