Holler: Is it in Allen's DNA to retire now?

Jared Allen hasn't found a contract offer to his liking just yet, but is he really ready to walk away from the game?

When the free agent market opened Tuesday, it was likely that Jared Allen and his people had three teams in mind – Denver, Seattle and Chicago.

All three of those teams made immediate moves to address their problems at defensive end. As a result, Allen's camp has hinted he will walk away from the game if he doesn't get a contract to his liking.

We're not sold on that sentiment.

One of the good things about following the Vikings for more than a decade is that you get to see the level to which football runs a player's life.

Allen will be on a short list for fat stacks to be an analyst at one of the numerous NFL programming efforts and his transition would be seamless and rapid. He could replace any analyst on CBS, FOX or NBC in a second.

The problem is Jared Allen is so "old school" he just calls it "school." He arrived in the NFL about 30 years too late. He would have been a Purple People Eater when the eating was good.

There was a reason Brett Favre played with the Jets and the Vikings – because he could. He was good enough to extend his career beyond the years of many before him.

The only way Jared doesn't play in 2014 is if he decides to ride a bull at a local Arizona rodeo on a whim and tears an ACL when he's thrown – ironically 6.9 seconds in.

The national media is deep in the discussion of whether Allen will walk away from the game if he doesn't get a contract offer he thinks he deserves.

That won't happen. He may wait it out until the need is greater, but someone has to coming calling for his pass-rushing services. He will get paid deep into seven figures.

Old school player, meet new school economics.

Allen plays in 2014. That may become official before the week is out.


  • Cornerback Captain Munnerlyn of the Carolina Panthers is meeting with the Vikings. He has a visit scheduled with Buffalo following the Vikings, but, as we all know, if you don't want a guy to leave your facility, you make an offer that puts pen to paper. He's in town primarily because he was open to taking a legitimate one-year offer from the Panthers but was stunned that the team had so little contact with him and his agent until the 11th hour. Sounds like a guy ready to move.

  • Before getting the job with the Panthers, head coach Ron Rivera was best known as being a professional head coach interview. It has led to speculation that he has a volatile personality that can rub some the wrong way. It hasn't dissuaded that reputation by having not one but three offensive linemen for Carolina announce they're retiring from the game in the span of less than a month. Maybe Munnerlyn is better off getting out of that situation.

  • According to multiple reports, the Vikings were as represented as any team at Alabama's Pro Day, fueling Roll Tide speculation that the Vikings might be looking at A.J. McCarron if they don't take a QB with their first two picks.

  • Word out of Jacksonville is that the coaching staff is expecting Toby Gerhart to get 15-20 touches a game. Sounds like Jags fans with Maurice Jones-Drew jerseys have a dust collector now.

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