Prospect analysis: Which QB is most accurate?

If the Vikings are still looking to select a quarterback in the first round, they have several prospects to consider, but which is the most accurate? Beyond completion percentage, one chart tracks off-target throws.

What's in a pro day for a potential NFL first-round quarterback?

With increased coverage on television, fans are getting a taste of the scripted workouts, as highlights and sometimes live coverage of the events roll across NFL Network or a live stream online. Head coaches, general managers, offensive coordinators and position coaches surround the field and analyze the quarterback's footwork, release, accuracy and other aspects of his mechanics. They interview him, take him out to dinner and try to find out everything they can from friends, teammates and college and high school coaches.

The Vikings have been on that path the last few days, attending the pro days for Teddy Bridgewater at Louisville on Monday and Blake Bortles at Central Florida on Wednesday.

The reviews were far different. Bridgewater struggled with accuracy on routes of various depths. Bortles looked sharp on just about everything but the occasional deep ball (but, as Bortles pointed out afterwards, at least he was missing long on those).

After at least 50 throws Wednesday, if scouts were picking simply on a pro day, Bortles would be selected before Bridgewater. But NFL teams insist they put the most emphasis on game tape, and Bridgewater wins that battle. He also wins the title of being most "NFL-ready" among the top prospects, at least as anointed by draft analysts.

So, if accuracy is most important in the franchise-altering decision on which quarterback to select, which one wins? When it comes to on-target throws, the winner among the top four prospects (potential first-rounders) is Bridgewater, according to STATS LLC.

Here is chart to prove it, with Bridgewater having the lowest percentage of off-target throws and Johnny Manziel having the highest. In between are Bortles (second) and Derek Carr (third).

Player Pass Metrics Off-Target Throws Off-Target %
Blake Bortles Attempts 382 48 12.6%
Overthrown 19
Underthrown 7
Thrown Wide 22
Teddy Bridgewater Attempts 427 51 11.9%
Overthrown 32
Underthrown 7
Thrown Wide 12
Derek Carr Attempts 659 86 13.1%
Overthrown 49
Underthrown 11
Thrown Wide 26
Johnny Manziel Attempts 429 64 14.9%
Overthrown 32
Underthrown 14
Thrown Wide 18

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