Assessing the undrafted Vikings talent

The Vikings added 15 undrafted rookies that will start work today. Which of those has the best chance of making the roster? We look at their predraft valuations by NFL scout Dave-Te' Thomas.

As the Vikings start their three-day rookie minicamp Friday, there will be various levels of players in attendance, from high draft picks to undrafted free agents that were signed to players hoping against all odds that a tryout invitation extends their chances for a few more months.

Players picked in the first two days of the draft are rarely left off the roster in their first couple of years in the league, but undrafted rookies have a hard, yet not insurmountable, climb up the depth chart during the offseason.

The Vikings signed 15 rookies after the draft, and this year, with dozens of underclassmen that went undrafted adding to the pile of talent, it could provide deeper "leftover" talent. So which of the 15 undrafted rookies stand the best chances this offseason? Below, we list the newest undrafted rookies by position and the predraft grades they were given by NFL scout Dave-Te' Thomas.

For clarification, the final two columns provide two different means of valuation. The first, the pro grade that Thomas assigns to players, represents his assessment of the player, with the meaning of those grades listed in the chart at the end. The "Rnd" designation is the round that Thomas believed the player would be selected.

Under both methods of valuation, offensive lineman Antonio Richardson should stand the best chance of making the roster, whether that's the 53-man roster or the practice squad. Richardson was believed to be a mid-round value, and Thomas thought he might go in the fourth round. Instead, he went undrafted.

The Vikings also had three players signed as free agents that were given projected seventh-round values. On the other hand, they also had – DT Isame Faciane, WR Erik Lora, QB Travis Partridge, DE Jake Snyder and RB Dominique Williams – that weren't graded by Thomas.

Pos Rank. PLAYER HtWt 40B VJBJ SH3C ProRnd
43. FOSTER, Donte 6:01188 4.4714 4210'10" 4.36.79 4.6CMP
44. %COLTER, Kain 5:11198 4.5418 33 ½09"04" 4.27.15 4.67
13. #LEONARD, A.C. 6:02252 4.520 3410'08" 4.327.19 57
13. #RICHARDSON, Antonio 6:06336 5.336 3108'01" 4.998.11 5.74
23. HALL, Matt 6:09324 5.4832 27 5/808'05" 4.887.77 4.97-FA
47. BURTON, Pierce 6:06303 5.26        4.5CMP
26. BOFFELI, Conor 6:04298 5.321 2508'05" 4.617.44 4.6FA
15. KERIN, Zac 6:05310 5.2130 25 1/208'01" 4.87.98 4.8PFA
49.COX, Rakim 6:04262 4.95        4.3CMP
50. SCOTT, Tyler 6:04359 4.9        4.3CMP

Immediate starter...Should have a major impact to the success of the franchise, barring injury...Possesses superior critical factors...Plays with consistency and without abnormal extra effort...Rare talent.
7.6-8.0Star Quality Eventual starter...Should make a significant contribution in his first year...Possesses above average critical factors...Has the talent and skills to start...Will contribute to upgrading the team...Can play without abnormal effort, but has some inconsistency in his play that will improve with refinement and development...Has no real weakness.
7.0-7.5Impact Player Possesses at least average to above average critical factors in all areas...Will contribute immediately, whether as a starter or a valuable reserve...Will move into the starting lineup with seasoning...Above average player who needs to refine certain areas.
6.5-6.9Eventual Starter Could move into the starting lineup within three years...Has average critical factors in all areas...Needs further development, but has the ability to contribute.
6.0-6.4Potential Starter Could force himself into the starting lineup with improved perform- ances...Will make a team...Has average critical factors in most areas, but at least one with less than average quality that he will have a hard time overcoming...Probable draft choice.
5.5-5.9Roster Player Has the ability to serve as a key reserve and possible future starter... Possesses average critical factors, but more than several areas are less than average...Plays with normal extra effort.
5.0-5.4Project Has the skills to play pro ball with proper tutoring...May make a team based on need...Possesses no real strong critical factors and is probably below average in several areas that the player will have a hard time overcoming...Possible draft choice, but only if that team is caught short on talent available at that position.
4.6-4.9Develop- mental Could make a team with an impressive showing in training camp... Not strong in most critical factors...Deficient in more than one area that he will not be able to overcome...At least average in the factor of competitiveness...May not make a team due to his limitations.
4.1-4.5Camp Player Has redeeming qualities that could allow him to play in the pros with improved performances...Deficient in more than one critical factor... Might make a team, but will always be the player that squad will look to replace.
3.5-4.0Reject Might make a team, but has glaring deficiencies in several critical factors...Below average competitor whose athletic skills will allow him to enter training camp, but has a difficult time in trying to make a team.

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