Sharper's defense taking shape

The legal issues facing former Vikings safety Darren Sharper will be shaped further today as his defense team looks to discredit the witnesses or investigations.

The significant legal problems facing former Vikings safety Darren Sharper will take a new and interesting turn today.

Sharper, who is facing charges in five different states for allegedly giving female victims the "date rape drug" GHB, is scheduled to appear in court today as part of a hearing for motions from the prosecution and defense in a pre-trial setting.

From court documents that have surfaced, Sharper's attorney Blair Berk is raising significant doubts as to the veracity of the claims made in different locales alleging the same pattern of behavior.

In charges levied in Florida, Berk contended that the Miami Police Department declined to file criminal charges against Sharper and considers the case closed in relation to the Miami-based incident.

In a case out of California, the rape kits belonging to the two alleged victims contained DNA on the clothing that belonged to men other than Sharper.

In the case based out of Arizona, Berk asserted that the charge should be dropped, because the lead detective perjured himself in the case when testifying in a grand jury hearing to bring an indictment against Sharper.

In a case based out of Nevada, Berk claims to have evidence that would effectively negate any negative testimony toward Sharper – claiming both of the accusers have sketchy histories leading to and including the nights in question.

In the case based out of Louisiana, a critical prosecution witness is under criminal investigation from drugging a woman at a bar – complete with video evidence of the crime.

Sharper will be in front of a judge today looking to get all of the evidence that he can from the prosecution, especially that evidence that doesn't implicate him in any crimes.

A day after the case against Aaron Hernandez took what appears to be an uglier, culpable turn, the defense in the pending Sharper cases will have more exculpatory evidence. However, the number of the allegations being made by women from different states who have never met one another will still be a big hurdle for Sharper's defense team to overcome.

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