Williams still waiting

Kevin Williams was hoping to play a couple years yet, but he hasn't received an offer he likes and might end up on the sidelines like his former linemate Pat Williams.

When the free agency period opened in March, there were some questions as to whether Kevin Williams would potentially be coming back to the Vikings to finish his career or sign somewhere else.

Almost three months later, Williams remained unsigned. In an interview with USA Today Wednesday, Williams was asked if he thought he would be a good fit with the New England Patriots.

With tongue presumably in cheek, Williams said, "Give them a call. Tell them to look me up."

Williams has been contacted by at least a couple of teams and met with the New York Giants last month but left without a contract. To date, the Vikings have expressed no public interest in bringing the 33-year-old Williams back to Minnesota.

For the time being, Williams seems willing to wait for the right offer. It's unclear whether he would play for the vested veteran league minimum of $955,000 for his 11 years of experience.

Making a million dollars to likely be a situational player is a pretty good job if you can get it, but Williams made it clear late last season when it appeared that he was heading to free agency that he felt as good late in the season as he had in years. He said at the time that he felt he had a couple of good years left in him at age 33. To date, nobody has made a multi-year offer or a contract that would be considerably higher than the vested veteran minimum.

However, Williams seems content with whatever happens. His brother in arms, Pat Williams, believed that he would get a call from a team after the Vikings let him hit free agency after the 2010 season when a youth movement began to take shape with the Vikings. That call never came and his NFL career ended without fanfare … just a phone that didn't ring.

Williams isn't feeling sorry for himself if he doesn't get contacted by a team. As he told USA Today, money wouldn't be an issue as to whether he continues his career or not. It may come down to pride.

"I've done well managing my money," Williams said. "I think I'd be fine if I don't play. But, that's my hope – I hope to be on somebody's team before the summer is out."

For a player who has spent his entire career as a dominant starting player whose on-field play percentage has always been significant, it's hard to imagine that a team with Super Bowl aspirations wouldn't be intrigued by limiting the pitch count on him and letting him loose for 25 plays a game or so.

Come to think of it, if the Vikings have room, it might not be a bad idea to re-think the last remaining block of the Williams Wall and let him finish out his NFL career where it started.


  • The NFL is going to get the "L" out for Super Bowl 50. In the official logo for the Super Bowl, the Roman numerals have been canned. A league spokesman said Wednesday that the logo for Super Bowl 50 will eliminate the Roman numerals for the first time since they were first instituted in 1971. Why? Apparently "L" doesn't work for the NFL. Word has it that once the "L" was front and center in Super Bowl XL (40), there was a movement afoot to get rid of it somehow.

  • If the NFL is going to bring the "L" back – a lot of signage and merchandise is currently being prepared with the "LII" designation. If it's going to be "52," the league had best inform the Vikings and Minnesota businesses looking to cash in with developing signage to incorporate the Super Bowl into their own establishments. If the Super Bowl goes to numbers instead of Roman numerals, there could be a lot of money wasted.

  • For those who don't know yet, Vikings Training Camp IL will open July 25 in Mankato.

  • The national media has jumped onto the story of Chad Greenway saving a pair of stranded boaters. While his altruistic decision is worthy of note, headline writers have gone a bit overboard (pun alert!) in their assessment of the situation. According to the our crack research team, there are no verified drowning victims who were wearing life jackets in thigh-deep water. While Greenway's act of compassion is laudable, the headline might have read, "Man Saves Boat."

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