VIDEO: Vikings VP has fun with NaeNae

Vikings VP Kevin Warren had fun earlier this week with the NaeNae dance while taking a break from the team's annual playground build at an elementary school.

Following the Vikings with focused interest doesn't have to always be serious business, does it?

If a vice president of the Vikings can find his way out of the office to help build a playground and perform an impromptu dance with second-grade kids, Vikings fans should be able to see it and enjoy it.

Everyone from Disney Characters to NCAA basketball players celebrating a tournament win have been captured on video performing the NaeNae dance. This week it was time for Kevin Warren, Vikings Vice President of Legal Affairs and Chief Administrative Officer, to show his skills (other vice presidents watched but couldn't be talked into setting up a VP dance competition).

So, here it goes: 30 seconds of fun with Warren's Naenae (he's the one with the raised thumbs to start and we pan back to him at the end) with second-graders celebrating their new playground at Lucy Craft Laney Elementary School in Minneapolis. For the record, Warren worked up quite a sweat during several minutes of the dance.

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