Rapper Exum keeping football first

Antone Exum has an interest in rapping, but the rookie said football is his top priority.

Vikings fans can be happy that Antone Exum is putting his rapping aspirations on hold while working on his pigskin priorities.

Exum received renewed publicity for his rapping hobby this spring after the Minnesota Vikings drafted the safety out of Virginia Tech, but Exum left little doubt this summer that football is his priority now.

“I’m a football player, but I do have a rapping talent a little bit,” Exum said.

“I just love music. It’s something I played with when I was a child. When I got to college, some of my friends were like, ‘You should really record something.’ So I recorded something and ever since then I’ve gotten pretty good reviews so they want to hear more. That’s what I try to give them sometimes.”

Exum uploaded some of his work from a few years ago to
YouTube. It received mixed reviews in the comments section.

Whether or not he ever has the opportunity to do more with his rapping aspirations, Exum insists football is first.

“If that opportunity arises, then that’s something that I would consider, but right now I don’t want that being a distraction to anything. I’m totally focused on football. Later down the line or something, if the opportunity came there, I think I have the talent to be good at it.”

Exum said he hadn’t been asked by his new teammates to go public with his rapping skills during spring practices.

“Not really. But I was freestyling with somebody in the sauna the other day,” he said.

However, Exum said he couldn’t remember the teammates’ name, only that he was a veteran defensive linemen (and not the dance-happy Everson Griffen), which could be an indicator that he has a long way to go with his immersion into the team before he can spend much time developing a new rap.

While he said “I’m sure more is to come,” he was hesitant to commit to debuting anything soon. But the time is coming soon when the Vikings have typically had their annual talent show, where rookies can display talents or work on productions to perform in front of the team and coaching staff.

So will Exum debut a new rap for (or about) his new teammates at training camp?

“We’ll see,” he said. “I’m pretty good at … impressions. So we might go that route and do like a mock meeting, but I don’t know. We’ll see. I can’t let the cat out of the bag.”

Would he make the risky move and do an impression of one of the coaches?

“I can’t let that out yet,” he said, “but afterwards you’ll see and I’ll give you a review of how it went.”

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