Vikings Go For Third Straight

The Vikings hope to use Indianapolis as an emotional stepping stone as they try to keep momentum building for the regular-season opener.

The Vikings are a bit wary of saying anything bad about the Indianapolis Colts for a good reason. First, the two teams don't have a natural rivalry like you would see with the Packers, Bears or Cowboys. Secondly, while the Vikings are 2-0, they're not getting cocky.

The team still has some major concerns at backup quarterback, depth on the offensive line, outside linebacker and, of course, the secondary -- and the Colts are just the type of team that can help them figure out how far ahead or behind the game the team really is.

If the Vikings are going to be able to hang with anyone this season, the Colts will be as big a test as the Vikes will face, since the Indy offense can burn a team at any time and the Triplets of Peyton Manning, Edgerrin James and Marvin Harrison will all be locked and loaded tonight.

* The Vikings will be facing a massive cutdown date early next week, so several players will be gone after this game. This will be a huge moment for players like DE Lemanzer Williams, cornerbacks Carl Kidd and Carey Scott, RB James Wofford, WR Joey Kent, QB Billy Cockerham. All of them have a chance to make the 47-man roster, but they will also have their future on the line tonight with all of them trying to justify the love of the Vikings.
* At least 10 Colts players, including rookie WR Reggie Wayne and defensive tackle Ellis Johnson, won't play tonight.
* With the cutting of Gabe Northern, the Vikings now have $1.9 million under the salary cap and the talk persists that the Vikings are packaging a deal to sign Cortez Kennedy.

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