VIDEO: Patterson on motivation, rushes, more

Cordarrelle Patterson talks about running Jet sweeps, if he lobbies for the ball, motivation against the Patriots and playing like a rottweiler instead of a poodle.

Cordarrelle Patterson may have a target on his back after his success in the opener.

“It’s kind of good because I feel the same way,” he said. “Every time I touch the ball I feel like I need to score and I want to score, you know, to get six points on the board. I don’t like being tackled so every time I get the ball I’m just trying to get six points.”

The explosive Vikings receiver also talked about several other interesting subjects on Thursday:

On his route-running: “I’ve gotten better, but it’s a lot of things I still need to improve on. Working with Matt (Cassel), it’s always a blessing. Working with him in the offseason in California, just picking his brain, just trying to get everything from him and take it all into my game.”

On running for the tough yards: “Coach (George) Stewart always tells me, he wants a dog. He wants a rottwieler. He don’t want no poodles or anything. … We try to be dogs out there. We don’t want to be no little chihuahuas or anything.”

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