Redskins have QB decision after McCoy’s win

Robert Griffin III is getting close to playing after sitting the last six games with an ankle injury. Colt McCoy gave Washington a reason to consider sitting RG3 one more game, against the Vikings.

Let the guessing begin … again.

Remember back when the Lions were preparing to play the Vikings Oct. 12? One of the storylines for the game was whether Detroit was going to risk a setback for Calvin Johnson or yet another sidelining bruise for running back Reggie Bush. The Lions played the game all week, even though the consensus opinion was that neither would play.

The Lions have stayed on a roll and the organization made the decision not to put Megatron at risk in a game they felt they could (and did) win without him.

The Washington Redskins are in a similar, but much more telling, predicament coming into Sunday’s game with the Vikings.

Play RG3 or don’t play RG3?

Like the Vikings, Washington has its bye week following the conclusion of Sunday’s game. They will all get a week to heal. Robert Griffin III would be given an extra week to heal.

Had the Redskins been thrashed Monday night by the Cowboys, it might have been another story. They won.

At the center of it all is the Next Big Thing – Colt McCoy. Who? That kid from Texas?

Yep. That’s him.

When Griffin dislocated his ankle in the first quarter of Washington’s Week 2 game with the Jaguars, he replaced by Kirk Cousins.

Thanks to playing against a feeble Bucs defense, Cousins lit them up for 250 yards, two touchdowns, a passer rating of 109.4. The following week, the Redskins lost to Philadelphia 37-34, but nobody was blaming Cousins for the loss. He threw for 437 yards and three touchdowns. Washington fans were telling RG3 to take his time healing up. We’re fine. Captain Kirk may not want to give up the helm when you do come back.

Then the love story took a tragic turn.

Three straight losses followed and the Washington offense never scored more than two touchdowns in any game. The shine was off of Cousins. RG3’s healing process needed to be sped up.

Enter Bachelor No. 3, Colt McCoy. A failed project in Cleveland following in the narrow, tiny footsteps of Brady Quinn. A college legend. A professional punch line.

McCoy came in relief of Cousins and completed 11 of 12 passes for 128 yards and the team’s only touchdown in a 19-17 win over offensively challenged Tennessee. He became the next claimant to the throne.

When Act II came, he did his job well enough to calm the jittery fan base and keep hope alive. When McCoy was asked to follow up on his dissection of the Titan carcass, he completed 25 of 30 passes for 299 yards with a touchdown run and an interception in Monday night’s win over the Dallas Cowboys.

Washington finished one game this year with RG3 at the podium post-game. The offense hadn’t scored and the team was 0-1. In five post-game podium visits, Cousins was explaining losses. The infatuation dimmed quickly.

Now, you have McCoy. He lit up Tennessee when Cousin’s couldn’t. He went into the Taj Ma Y’all and beat the hated Cowboys. The team is facing a bye week to give Griffin an additional two weeks to get ready to make his return.

The Redskins have become like a sad season of “The Bachelor.” RG3 always gets a rose. Cousins did for a while. Now McCoy is making a run for the love.

When you look at it simply from the business standpoint, resting Griffin is the most logical scenario. The bye week buys another week for the face of the franchise. It also gives the blend of owner, G.M. and coach to justify letting RG3 sit one more game to buy a bonus week.

Selling the players, especially wide receivers DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon – both of whom signed on to be catching passes from Griffin – may be another story.

For much of the game, both Jackson and Garcon expressed frustration with McCoy. Fans see things their own way. Owners and management see it another. Players see it yet another.

Given what happened Monday night, it makes too much sense to give McCoy an Act III, even if RG3 loyalists don’t want it that way. He hasn’t been to the podium yet as a losing quarterback.

Is Griffin ready? Probably. He’s close.

Is McCoy going to start against the Vikings?

Given Daniel Snyder’s hubris, it’s hard to tell who will be starting Sunday against the Vikings.

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