Moss Fined $5K, Will Appeal

Randy Moss was told Tuesday that he will be fined $5,000 for wearing an unauthorized hat. His reaction? He ain't paying.

Randy Moss, as has been discussed before by VU, is a target for the NFL. On Tuesday, the league came down with a $5,000 fine for wearing an unauthorized hat on the sideline.

The lid, which says Three Deep on the front and has Culpepper, Carter, Moss written on the back, is a hat that promotes the Vikings, which technically should be allowed. However, it isn't a hat produced by Reebok, the official hat sponsor of the NFL. So despite the fact that it wasn't a hat that promoted a company or other license sponsor that has Moss under contract, the league fined Moss.

As would be expected, Moss will appeal the fine, because the hat simply promotes a concept of three individual players from the NFL, so why should the NFL have a problem with it. There was no problem in 1999 when the Three Deep concept was endorsed by the league when it pertained to Carter, Moss and Jake Reed, but the new Three Deep doesn't pass the muster apparently. VU will follow the appeal process, but for those who know NFL appeals, Randy may as well cut the check now.

* A couple of cuts yesterday perked up the ears of the Vikings, according to a team source of VU. The Bears cut CB Thomas Smith, who signed a huge contract last year, but didn't perform up to what the Bears thought he would. The Ravens also cut OT Harry Swayne, who the Vikings also have an interest in. However, at this point, Swayne is talking more about retirement than hooking on with a new team.
* Former Viking Antico Dalton was a cap casualty of the Patriots Tuesday.
* Moe Williams and Doug Chapman have both returned to practice and both will play Friday vs. Miami. However, the start will go to rookie Michael Bennett.
* The agent for James Hasty says the Vikings haven't contacted the free agent cornerback since June, leading to more speculation that the team doesn't have as much interest in him as would meet the eye.
* Craig Sauer, who some within the Vikings organization think may have to be a cap casualty in the final round of cuts this weekend, is being sent by the team to see another specialist for his ailing foot. If the word isn't good, Sauer, who could save the team about $600,000 in cap room if cut, may be forced to be one of the final cuts of the preseason because the injury may one that simply will not heal.

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